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Noah Drake

Drunk and Disorderly


Noah Drake

The unhappy family: Patrick, Noah, and Matt (Jason Thompson, Rick Springfield, Jason Cook)


Away by Request

Most women would be happy if their baby's father wanted to be part of the child's life. Noah Drake had a girlfriend who felt differently. He had to agree to stay away.

Gifted neurosurgeon Noah was found drunk in a bar, years after leaving GH, and brought back by Robin Scorpio (his future daughter-in-law), who needed him to work on Jason Morgan's case. Jason had a brain tumor. Noah was aware that he couldn't do the surgery, but he also knew that he had a brilliant son who could - Dr. Patrick Drake. Noah had hit the bottle pretty hard after the death of Patrick's mother. Father and son had a falling out at that point and stopped speaking.

They were able to band together to save Jason's life, and Noah stayed in Port Charles, hoping to reconcile with his son. When Noah needed a liver transplant, Patrick wanted part of his used for the surgery, but Noah refused. He believed he had taken enough from Patrick already. Patrick didn't understand, and the two fell out again.

Patrick's Past Appears at GH

When Dr. Matt Hunter arrived in Port Charles, he seemed very curious about what was going on with Robin's pregnancy, Noah, and Patrick. It turned out that he was Noah's illegitimate son. Noah had supported him financially, but by arrangement with Matt's mother, had stayed out of his son's life. Matt resented Noah as a result, and Noah's behavior disgusted Patrick. Noah found himself out of both of his son's lives.

Noah showed up to be with a grieving Patrick when Robin died. He stayed for what seemed like five minutes. Now Matt has confessed to the murder of Lisa Niles, which he performed in an alcoholic blackout, but we haven't seen Noah around.

Maybe Noah is back with Doctors without Borders, or maybe he's detoxing. It's hard to keep track. There's a need for a third act, so let's hope we see him again some time.

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