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Sam McCall

Con Artist Turned Detective


Sam McCall

Sam McCall and her mother, Alexis Davis (Kelly Monaco and Nancy Lee Grahn)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Sam McCall

Jason and Sam (Steve Burton and Kelly McCall)

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Sam McCall

Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson!

Patrick Wymore/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

What makes petite, sexy, soft-spoken ex-bad girl Sam McCall a good detective is what made her an excellent con artist: Nerve, a nose for intrigue, the ability to hotwire a car, and a lock pick set. Being good looking with a hot body hasn't hurt her either.

Sam's Attributes

Sam's physical attributes came in handy when she was marrying five different men and stealing their money. She also indulged in pickpocketing and grand theft auto -- 19 counts of it. The charges were dropped when she agreed to testify against her ex-boyfriend, the leader of the auto crime ring. This was all before she found true love in Port Charles, which was a case of trial and error. When she first arrived in Port Charles, Sam fooled around with the married Sonny Corinthos and then with Jasper Jacks, who originally mistook her for Brenda.

No Contest

For a while, people must have thought Sam's middle name was "No Contest" since she kept making No Contest pleas every time she was arrested for petty theft, fraud, or solicitation. It didn't matter what state she was in. If they accepted No Contest, or no lo contendere as a plea, Sam pled it. Actually, in New York State, No Contest isn't a plea, but Sam and her attorneys didn't know that. Before becoming one of Port Charles' good girls, Sam also managed, despite her stealing, to build up a history of bad debt.

Escape Artist and Use of Weaponry

The jail hasn't been built that can hold Sam McCall. Once finding herself in a small-town jail, she faked suicide in order to get out. In 2005, she escaped FBI custody, never an easy thing to do. In 2006, she got away from the Port Charles police, always an easy thing to do.

If Sam had stopped committing crimes back then, jail would not have been necessary. But committing crimes has given Sam useful skill with weapons, including drugs and sabotage. She used drugs to knock out Jax and steal two cards from the Dead Man's Hand set when she arrived in Port Charles back in 2003. She also sabotaged Jax's car. One of her big moments was Tasering Luke Spencer when she was stealing the Azure Key treasure from him. She shot and killed Diego Alcazar, but that was in defense of Jason and herself. And the gun Sonny used to shoot Dante? Sam stole it from PCPD.

Trespassing, Impersonation, and Break-ins

Impersonation is part of Sam's artillery. When she wanted to steal three Dead Man's Hand cards from Georgie Jones' room, she impersonated a math tutor. However, Sam doesn't need disguises to get inside places. Besides breaking into Jax's car, she's also broken into the Quartermaine mansion. While investigating Alexis Davis, she broke into her old school to look up her record.

Treasure Hunts and Disappearances

With her experience in salvage, Sam has always been interested in buried treasure -- the Azure Key treasure, mentioned above, and the treasure from the sunken Courage, which she stole from her equally thieving father Cody.

Sam's relationship with her father wasn't good; any psychologist will tell you trouble with men can't be far behind. Sam's relationship with Jason Morgan has been volatile in the past, and for a time, she was with Lucky Spencer. Eventually she and Jason found their way back to one another. Since Elizabeth Spencer has been involved with Jason and married to Lucky, this didn't endear her to Sam, who hired two thugs to frighten Elizabeth and the kids in the park. Another time, she saw Jake, Elizabeth's baby son, kidnapped and lied to the police, saying that she hadn't witnessed anything. Today they have smoothed things over; Elizabeth believes that Sam has been good for Jason.  By this time, Sam had turned from a bad girl to a good one and was committed to Jason and determined not to mess up her life any longer.

Enter Franco

The well-known artist, Franco, was obsessed with Jason and at one point kidnapped Sam and tied a bomb to her.  Jason was able to save her, but Franco wasn't finished.   If being involved with a hit man and dealing with his stalker wasn't enough, Sam then had to cope with Jason's ex-wife, Brenda Barrett, returning to Port Charles and moving in because she needed protection from a mobster.  Jason asked Sam to investigate the mobster, The Balkan, and he explained to her that he never loved Brenda.  He had married her to help her a long time ago, and it was Sam that he loved.

Once that was solved, Sam found out about fertility reconstructive surgery, and she and Jason discussed the viability of being parents.  After they decided to go through with it, the two married in a Chinese restaurant, later honeymooning in Hawaii.  There, they were bothered by Franco.  Jason was given the impression that Franco had drugged and raped his new wife.  Sam couldn't remember anything.  Soon, however, she was pregnant, but Jason was the father. 

When Jason became ill with inoperable brain swelling, Robin developed a drug therapy for him; unfortunately, she was involved in a lab explosion and killed.  Patrick blamed Jason and didn't want to operate in his grief and anger, but eventually he did, and Jason recovered.  As was learned later, Robin was not dead but kidnapped, a body burned beyond recognition left in her place.

Jason and Sam came to blows over the fact that he did not tell her about Robin's death while he was in recovery.  To further pull them apart, Sam met a police detective, John McBain, who lent a sympathetic ear.  Jason became jealous and asked her to stay away from him. 

Jason and Sam then received a video that showed Jason as a newborn.  Knowing Jason was born in New York and that Heather Webber had been present, Sam traveled to New York to investigate.  She visited Heather in a mental hospital.  Heather told her that Susan had twins and that Heather sold the second baby to a nurse, Elizabeth Frank -- Franco's mother.  Susan was unconscious and never knew she had a second child.

This answered Franco's obsession with Jason, but it also meant that the brothers shared DNA and that Franco could be her baby's father.  Rather than tell Jason, Sam confided in John.  He was able to get a sample of Franco's DNA from the FBI, and Sam had another test run.  The test said that the baby's father was Franco.  Jason could not accept this, especially because she had told John.  He did not feel he could raise Franco's child, no matter who Franco was to him.

The Switch

Sam moved out.  The night her baby was born, John was trying to help her, but Jason had sent thugs to beat him.  Sam's newborn was not breathing well, so when John never returned from getting a car to take them to the hospital, Sam left to find help.  She passed out, and when she awoke, her baby was dead, though she claimed this was not her child.   When Sam learned why John had not returned, she told Jason she would never forgive him for what he had done.  Jason launched his own investigation of Heather and turned up the fact that her baby had been switched by Todd Manning and Heather, and that Tea Delgado had Sam's baby, though she thought it was hers.  Sam got her baby back.

Sam and Jason reconciled, and Jason wanted to raise Danny as his own.  As they celebrated being a family at last, Jason was called down to the docks for a meeting with his accountant.  He was shot and fell into the harbor and presumed dead.  For a long time, Sam believed that Jason was alive somewhere and would return.  Finally, she accepted the truth. 

There was one more truth to be learned.  Heather had altered the DNA test; Danny was Jason's, though he never knew it. 

When Danny developed leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant, who should show up alive but Franco. A possible donor, but because of brain surgery, unable to be tested.  Fortunately, Sam didn't need his bone marrow as the man who ran the newspaper, Derek Wells (actually mobster Julian Jerome), was a match.  He also turned out to be Sam's father.  It was during this situation that Sam met Dr. Silas Clay, the man who first noticed that Danny was ill and who helped Sam through all the difficulties.

Sam McCall Today

After all of the tremendous volatility in her life, things have become more stable for Sam.  She is now seeing Silas Clay, finally able to consider romance after Jason's death. This romance may change now that Silas' wife, Nina Clay, is out of her coma, in Port Charles, and eager to take up her old life with her husband.

No matter what happens, Sam has the support of her mother, Alexis Davis (making Sam a Cassadine), and her two half-sisters, Kristina and Molly.  One fly in the ointment is that the man who is her father, Julian Jerome -- a man she was so anxious to find to help Danny -- is a mobster -- and wants a relationship with her and with Danny, which she didn't want.  She has thawed out a bit. 

Then there's Franco, alive and well and living in Port Charles.  But he's no longer Sam's problem.  As it turns out, Franco may have thought he was Jason's twin, but in reality, his mother is Heather Webber and his father is Scott Baldwin.  Looks like Heather made that whole thing up to cover giving her own baby away -- again. 

What Sam doesn't know is that Jason is (probably) in a frozen state, and being held by the Cassadines.  They used him to convince Robin to abandon her family and leave Port Charles with Victor Cassadine and work on a serum to bring him back.  If Robin succeeds, Sam's life will become a whole lot messier if she continues her involvement with Silas.

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