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Tracy Quartermaine

There's Bad and Then There's Bad


Tracy Quartermaine

Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot)

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Gotta give Tracy Quartermaine credit. She always thinks she's totally justified in what she does, no matter how dreadful. And she's been pretty dreadful.

Before Tracy fell in love with Luke Spencer and became a loving stepmother to Lulu, her softer moments were difficult to come by -- so difficult they were nearly impossible.

Tracy Quartermaine, the Finagler, the Blackmailer, and the Break-Up Queen

Let's take Tracy's penchant for breaking up marriages she's against. She had Decker Moss help her break up her son Ned Ashton's marriage to Dawn Winthrowp, and then she tried to break up Lucy Coe's marriage to her brother Alan. For that, she enlisted Scott Bladwin.

Tracy is nothing if not a true family person. Why, her son Ned is everything to her. When A.J. Quartermaine was born - that would be her nephew - Tracy went out of her way to attempt to prove that he wasn't Alan Quartermaine's son so that her beloved Ned would remain the Quartermaine heir. That's loyalty.

Blackmail: Ol'Tracy's good at that. And why not, if she has perfectly good information going to waste? She blackmailed Jenny Eckert to keep her away from Paul Hornsby. She blackmailed Skye Quartermaine for $5 million, or she would reveal that Skye wasn't Alan's biological daughter. She told her son Dillon she would send him to military school and wreck his girlfriend Georgie's life unless he voted for her as CEO of ELQ. She blackmailed Jax, promising that if he married her, she wouldn't give photos to police that showed that Skye might be a murderer. She threatened to reveal Georgie's role in Sage Alcazar's death unless Felicia made sure Tracy was Lila's heir. Armed with info about Sam's past, she got Sam to leave ELQ, or else Tracy would make Sam's scandalous past public.

A Hit and Run, People to do Her Dirty Work, and Forgery

Blackmail is bad, okay, but what about personal injury? She hit Jenny Eckert with her car and then took off. She refused to give her father his medicine when he gasped and begged her for it; he turned the tables on her by announcing that he wasn't really sick moments later.

Tracy's not above using her money to get things done either. When she didn't want to consummate her marriage to Gino, at first, she claimed that she had the measles. Later, when he insisted again, she hired a prostitute to consummate it for her as her! When she wanted the family home robbed, she hired robbers to break into the house. And when she wanted the Azure Key treasure off the auction block, why bid on it? She sent Coleman to steal it instead. When called for, she'll get her hands dirty. She broke into Jax's hotel room to steal the Dead Man's Hand. Guess no one else was available.

One can imagine that when it comes to helping one high schooler bully another, Tracy is an excellent help. When Sage Alcazar had photos of Georgie Jones taking a shower, Tracy kindly helped sage upload them onto the General Hospital computer for all to see. Generous to a fault.

Forgery? Just ask Tracy. She and Luke joined forces to change her brother Alan's will. He's not letting her forget it, either.

Even though Tracy can be difficult to deal with, one can't help liking her. When it comes to Luke, she's vulnerable. She loved her mother Lila. She still calls her father "Daddy." She's nice to Lulu. Just don't get between her, her power, her men, or her millions.

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