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Damien Spinelli - General Hospital Character

Spinelli: The Jackal and Computer Nerd


Damien Spinelli - General Hospital Character

Bradford Anderson

Soapnet/Marina Chavez

Spinelli and MaxieABC, Inc.


Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) - ABC, Inc.

Spinelli and the Mob

Raised in Tennessee by his grandmother, Damien Spinelli first surfaced in Port Charles as a student at Port Charles University. He was hired for his computer knowledge by Lorenzo Alcazar and immediately was involved in the criminal activity of creating evidence against Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan. Ric used the disappearance of this evidence to frame Sam McCall, hoping that Jason would betray himself. Jason investigated on his own, and the trail led to Spinelli.  Jason continually saved him from Alcazar's associates after that.

Despite Spinelli's odd speech and his habit of naming everyone (Mister Sir, Stone Cold, The Maternal One), Jason grew very fond of the young man, appreciating his talent, friendship, and loyalty. Spinelli wanted Jason to claim Elizabeth's child, Jake, as his own, but Jason was afraid it would put Jake in danger. Eventually, the two men became roommates at Jason's penthouse.

Romance Beckons

Since coming to Port Charles, Spinelli has fallen in love with several women, including Sam McCall and Lulu Spencer, he dated Nadine Crowell, and attracted some interest from Leyla Mir, and Georgie Jones. Georgie was murdered by the Text Message Killer, and he found the body.

Today, Spinelli's heart belongs to his "Maximista," Maxie Jones, who sometimes still sees him as a friend, even after they shared a night together and bonded in a sewer.

My Hero - Not

Spinelli is trying to prove he is more like Stone Cold (Jason) - macho and gun-toting. This has gotten him into some trouble. He and Maxie tried one stakeout, but he fainted from the heat onto the horn of the vehicle. His attempt to go after the Russians almost ended in his own death; Johnny Zacchara saved him. Spinelli is better off using his mind.

Spinelli and Maxie have always been on again/off again.  Maxie loves him, but she also finds herself attracted to bad boy types like Johnny Zacchara and Matt Hunter.  One night, Spinelli serenaded her at karaoke, and the two wound up in bed together.  Maxie ultimately agreed to marry Spinelli, but he found out that she didn't feel ready.  Since the plans were made, they had a "non-wedding." Though Mac Scorpio is against his niece's involvement with Spinelli, deep down he realizes that Damien is a good person, if a little misguided.

The Jackal

That lasted for a while, but other distractions drew them apart.  Spinelli collaborated with Diane Miller on a book, The Secret Life of Damien Spinelli.  After a gunshot wound, he took on a new personality and referred to himself as "Jackal P.I.," talking like an old-fashioned gumshoe.  He also lost all of his computer skills as well.  He recovered and became Spinelli once again, but his computer expertise took time to return.

Jason suffered another brain injury and was saved by Robin's formulation that she worked on in the lab.  When the lab exploded, Robin was presumed dead.  Maxie blamed herself.  She and Robin had argued and Maxie thought that she unleashed a gas line by mistake when she picked up her purse. Her guilt was so strong that though she knew her boyfriend, Matt Hunter, had killed Lisa Niles during a celebratory boat trip, she confessed to it herself.  Spinelli found video footage clearly showing a man; he altered it so Matt could not be recognized.  Matt and Maxie married so that she would not be compelled to testify against him.

A New Woman

Matt confessed and went to prison, and Spinelli met a new woman, Ellie Trout, and began a relationship with her.  Maxie decided to act as a surrogate for Dante and Lulu.  She miscarried.  On New Year's Eve, believing Ellie had stood him up (she hadn't); he slept with a depressed Maxie.  Maxie asked Britt Westbourne to implant her with another embryo from Dante and Lulu, but Britt informed her that she was pregnant.  The child was Spinelli's.  Maxie said nothing to Dante and Lulu, but the truth emerged.  As a result, Spinelli and Maxie entered into a court battle to win custody of their daughter.  Spinelli gained custody, and moved with Ellie to Seattle so that she could take a new job.  Since there is a restraining order on Maxie, she wouldn't be tempted to break it with him so far away.


Damien Spinelli

Portrayed By:

Bradford Anderson (2006 to 2013)

Port Charles Residence:

122 Harbor View Drive
Port Charles, New York


Present: Runs detective agency with Sam McCall

Computer technician/hacker/researcher for Jason Morgan
Computer technician/hacker/researcher for Sonny Corinthos organization
Former computer technician/hacker/researcher for Lorenzo Alcazar

Marital Status:


Past Marriages:



Grandmother on his father's side


A daughter, Connie

Relationships with the Opposite Sex:

Nadine Crowell (dated)
Maxie Jones

Winifred Leeds (dated)

Ellie Trout

Criminal Activities:

Computer hacker
Impersonation of an Attorney
Falsified Evidence

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