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Robin Scorpio - General Hospital Character

Child and Woman



Robin and Patrick

ABC, Inc.

Stone Cates (Michael Seldon) and Robin

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Robin and her mother, Anna

ABC, Inc.

Little Robin

Robin Scorpio was just 7 years old when her mother, Anna Devane, arrived in Port Charles. Robert Scorpio, Anna's ex-husband, learned that the little girl was his daughter and became part of her life. The death of Anna's husband, Duke Lavery, began a cycle of loss for Robin. Robert and Anna reconciled after Robert saved Anna, Robin, and an alien, Casey, when they were kidnapped by Cesar Faison.

When Faison kidnapped Anna again, Robert went to find her, leaving their daughter in the care of his brother Mac. It was presumed that Anna, Robert, and Faison were all killed in a boat explosion.

Finding Love

A teenaged Robin fell for Jagger Cate's brother, Stone. Stone had lived on the streets; though he was negative for AIDS, he never took a follow-up test. After they had unprotected sex, Stone found out he had HIV. He did not tell Robin until he was shot and his blood splattered on her. Robin tested positive for HIV.  Though blinded by AIDS, right before he died, Stone was able to see the girl he loved one last time.

Robin later fell for Jason Morgan. Fearing more loss, she opposed his working for mobster Sonny Corinthos. When Jason refused to break his connection with Sonny, she left for school in Paris. During a visit to Port Charles, she reunited with Jason and moved in with him.

Jason was caring for Carly's son, Michael, claiming to be his father, while Carly was institutionalized. When she was released, she moved in with Jason and Robin. Robin made the decision to return to Paris. When she learned that Michael was Jason's brother A.J.'s child, she told A.J.  Sonny and Jason turned against her, considering her admission to A.J. a betrayal.

However, some good things were ahead for the young doctor. She found her mother alive in Pine Valley.  She worked as a researcher in France, and when Jason needed help, she returned to Port Charles for good to treat him with the experimental drug she had been developing..

Patrick Drake

To control the HIV virus, Robin was on a protocol that kept her viral load undetectable. Dedicated to her work, relationships no longer came as easily to her as they once did.  While working once again at General Hospital, she met an arrogant doctor, Patrick Drake - the man she had brought to Port Charles to perform surgery on Jason. They fell in love and moved in together. A real ladies' man, Patrick found commitment difficult. When Robin wanted to have a baby, she decided to go to a sperm bank. However, she became pregnant with Patrick's child. Finally, the couple decided to marry.  Baby Emma arrived during the wedding, so it was necessary to re-wed after Christmas 2008.

During her pregnancy and marriages, Robin had the support of her parents, Robert and Anna, Robert having turned up alive after Anna did.


Robin initially found motherhood difficult and suffered from post-partum depression. She came out of that, and Emma has been a source of joy for her, as did her marriage. When illness struck, she feared that her HIV had become full-blown AIDS and that she wasn't going to make it. But she did.

Robin Today

After everything that she overcame, Robin was kidnapped by Faison and thought to be dead. Faison disguised himself as Duke Lavery, with the intention of getting back into Anna's life, bringing Robin home, and being Anna's hero. It hasn't worked out that way.  Robin is now back in Port Charles, working on a cure for a poison given to Jerry Jacks and Luke Spencer.  Luke was given the only dose available; Jerry sent her back to Port Charles to work on a cure, using Luke's blood.  She was not allowed to tell her family that she's alive and stayed at Wyndemere with Britt Westbourne, Nikolas Cassadine, Dr. Obrecht, and Faison.

Once she found the cure, and Robert, Anna, and Luke stormed Wyndemere, Robin was free.  She ran to the church, where Patrick was about to marry Sabrina Santiago.  She almost walked away, realizing that Patrick had moved on, but her daughter saw her and ran to her.  Not knowing what would happen, Robin and Emma stayed with Anna while Patrick sorted out his feelings. Eventually, the couple was reunited.

It was a short reunion.  Victor Cassadine returned to Port Charles and approached Robin about developing her magic life-renewing formula for his frozen brother Stavros and frozen mother Helena.  And as an inducement, he mentioned that Jason was found and frozen as well. 

Patrick doesn't understand why his wife has to leave -- she just returned!  When he hears that she is going back to help Jason, he hits the ceiling.  Robin cannot leave Jason with the Cassadines; if he has a chance, she has to give it to him, even if it means bringing back Stavros and Helena.

While at the chronic care clinic investigating Nina Clay with Sam, Patrick discovers that Robin is there.  He thought she was on a remote island.  Turns out, she was an hour away and wasn't there for him when his son died.  He wants a divorce. 

Portrayed by:

Kimberly McCullough


General Hospital
1985 to August 1997
December 1997 to 1999
June 20-21, 2000
July 2004
October 2005 to 2012

September 30, 2013 to March 4, 2014

August 2014-

All My Children
May 30-31, 2001
June 4th, 2001




Staying with Anna Devane

Cassadine mansion (temporary)

House in Port Charles
Formerly apartment in Port Charles
Formerly Paris, France


Rowdy (boyfriend) 

Michael Cates (lovers; deceased)
Jason Morgan (lovers)
Patrick Drake (husband since 12/2008)


Robert Scorpio (father)
Anna Devane (mother)
Leora Hayward (half-sister; deceased)
Thomas John Devane (grandfather)
Malcolm Scorpio (Mac) (uncle)
Lindsay Devane (aunt; deceased)
Alexandra Devane (aunt)
Gabriel Devane (half-uncle)
Aidan Devane (cousin)
Emma Drake (daughter)


Joyriding at age 15 with Stone Cates. Her sentence was that she had to wait until she was 18 to get her driver's license.

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