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Character Biographies

General Hospital character biographies - the stories of the various characters who make up the tapestry of Port Charles, New York, including the villains, the supercouples, the evil twins, and the bad girls.
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  4. Legacy Characters (13)
  5. Seeing Double (10)
  6. General Hospital's Bad Girls (12)
  7. General Hospital Unusual Casting (5)

Kathleen Gati/Lisa Obrecht: Faison's Wife!
Dr. Lisa Obrecht/Kathleen Gati, General Hospital Character and Actress; Kathleen Gati talks about playing the role of Dr. Obrecht.

General Hospital's Top Villains
The top villains who have appeared on General Hospital over the years.

Kevin Collins/Ryan Chamberlain
Ryan Chamberlain, General Hospital villain and the twin of good guy Kevin Chamberlain

General Hospital Recast of Zander Smith
Zander Smith, General Hospital recast, originally played by Marc Brett and later recast with Chad Brannon

Sage Alcazar
Sage Alcazar - General Hospital recast, from Eileen Boylan to the older Katie Stuart

Lisa Niles - General Hospital Recast
Lisa Niles, General Hospital Recast, originally played by Julie Mond, who was replaced with Brianna Brown

Logan Hayes
Logan Hayes, General Hospital legacy character, played by Josh Duhon. A recap of Logan Hayes' discovery of his true father, and his subsequent death.

Kelly Thiebaud-Britt Westbourne - General Hospital Actress & Character
Kelly Thiebaud-Britt Westbourne - General Hospital Actress & Character, a biography of Britt Westbourne

Casting Capers
General Hospital's Eleventh Hour Recasts, including the roles of Zander Smith, Sage Alcazar, Lisa Niles, and Michael Corinthos III.

Lucas Jones, Another Stolen Baby

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