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Big Pussy to Become Big Daddy

Max and Milo's Dad Hits Port Charles - Whoa, Emphasis on Hit


Big Pussy to Become Big Daddy

Vincent Pastore

Screenshot by Maria Ciaccia

Vincent Pastore, the late Salvatore Bonpensiero aka "Big Pussy" of The Sopranos has a new, exciting role on General Hospital. Pastore will play Max Giambetti Sr., the father of Max and Milo (Dirk and Derek Cheetwood). And yeah, he's a mobster yet again. On The Sopranos, Big Pussy was rubbed out for informing. (Bonponsiero means "good thinking" in Italian - I don't think so.)

In the Giambetti household, Sonny's bodyguard Max is "little Max," so this should give you an idea of Pastore's role. Since the Giambetti brothers work for Sonny, look for a Giambetti-Corinthos face-off or two. And Pops will meet Little Max's girlfriend, attorney Diane (Carolyn Hennesy).

Pastore is a show biz veteran and also no stranger to daytime TV, having played Ross on One Life to Live for a year. Ross was a pool player who had encounters with Natalie and John.

Now Pastore returns to daytime television some time in October to join the growing group of Port Charles mobsters. Good luck, and we hope this time your character doesn't blab to the wrong people.

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