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Brook Lynn Ashton

Repeat Performance


Brook Lynn Ashton

Brook Lynn Ashton (Adrianne Leon)

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment

Brook Lynn Ashton has been played by:

Brooke Radding (1999 to 2001)
Adrianne Leon (May 31, 2004 to January 2006)

Brook Lynn - A Quartermaine By Any Other Name...

Beautiful and talented, Brook Lynn Ashton is a Quartermaine by birth. Brook Lynn (named after Brooklyn, New York, where her mother grew up) is the daughter of Ned Ashton, Tracy Quartermaine's son, and Lois Cerullo. Though Brook Lynn's parents loved one another, Lois saw the folly of raising a child amidst the Quartermaine family. Before Brook Lynn was born, she returned to her family in Brooklyn. Lois brought Brook Lynn back to Port Charles when she was a baby so that her dad could meet her. She was firm that the meeting was her only intention; however, since she and Ned were still in love, it looked as if Lois and Ned would reconcile. When Lois overheard Ned blackmailing his cousin Justus Ward, Lois became angry and again left Port Charles with Brook Lynn.

Ned made certain that he was in Brook Lynn's life, visiting her on her birthdays. Also, when he married Chloe Morgan, Chloe was a part of Brook's life. Brook loved Chloe and was unhappy when Alexis became Ned's main squeeze. It was all very confusing for Brook, especially when Alexis became a runaway bride on the day she was to be married to Ned!

Brook Lynn Changes Her Name and Returns to Port Charles

Brook reappeared in Port Charles, now using the name Lynn. She, Georgie, and Dillon became friends, but Dillon didn't realize that he was, in fact, "Lynn's" uncle. When they heard her sing, they were enthralled by her exciting voice and encouraged her to record a demo. Lynn, however, wasn't interested in a singing career. In fact, one of the reasons that she left Brooklyn was to get away from Lois, who really believed in her daughter's talent and wanted her daughter to go professional. Eventually, Lynn's Quartermaine identity was revealed. Lois arrived in Port Charles and wanted Lynn to return to Bensonhurst with her, but Ned talked Lois into allowing Lynn to stay with him.

The Fight Over Brook Lynn's Career Continues

Lois stuck around too, and mother and daughter continued to argue about Brook's singing potential. Lois acted like a stage mother, but Brook rejected the whole idea. Ned, too, loved Brook's voice and wanted to see her pursue singing as a career, but he realized Lois' methods weren't working. Ned urged his daughter to sing for the fun of it. Brook was also a talented composer, and gave one of her songs to Sage Alcazar to sing. When Lila Quartermaine passed away, Brook sang at the funeral. She regretted never getting to know Lila and wanted to contribute something to the event. When Lois told everyone how proud she was of Brook Lynn, her daughter believed that Lois was trying to capitalize on her singing at Lila's funeral. The two women fought, and a very hurt Lois ran off.

The Alcazar Connection

When Lois became involved with Lorenzo Alcazar, her relationshp with Brook Lynn became even worse. Brook had been raised never to date a mobster, and now her mother was dating one. Brook deliberately flirted with Courtney Matthews' foster child, Diego. Diego wanted to join Sonny's organization. When Brook walked in on Alcazar and her mother after they'd made love, she became furious and ran off to Mexico with Diego.

Once in Mexico, Diego wanted to find his sister, Maria. Georgie and Dillon came along. The teens were all arrested by Maria's fiance when Maria claimed that she didn't know them. She then had them released and told Diego to leave not only Mexico but Port Charles! Curious, Brook and Diego decided to find out why she had warned Diego in this way. They thought that Sonny might have killed Diego's father. Back in Port Charles, Brook dressed up like a delivery person and kept Max occupied while Diego attempted to break into Sonny's penthouse. Sam, however, caught both Diego and Brook before they could do any searching. When Jason heard Diego's story, he agreed to investigate for him.

The truth was that Maria was not Diego's sister; she was his mother. His father was Lorenzo Alcazar.

College is No Fun

Diego and Brook drifted apart when he became interested in Maxie Jones. Brook graduated from high school and decided to attend Port Charles University. Who was her roommate? Maxie! For Brook, college life was fraught with problems. She attended a party and was drugged, only to find out later that there were nude photos of her on the Internet. She suspected Diego. She was right. His stalking and hurting of Brook turned out to be all about what Brook and the other teens had done to Sage Alcazar, Diego's cousin.

Lorenzo Alcazar was Sage's uncle, and because Brook objected to her mother's relationship with Lorenzo, Sage and Brook did not get along. Not only that, but they were in competition, involved in a girl band. Sage was excited about the band until she learned that the idea behind it was to start Brook on a solo career. By this time, Brook had come to the conclusion that she did want a career in music.

One night, in order to scare Brook and the other teens, she pretended that Lila Quartermaine's spirit was around, and then Sage faked her own stabbing. When everyone found out, they were livid, and Sage screamed at Georgie that Dillon was in love with her. Furious, Georgie locked Sage in the basement freezer. Later, Sage was found dead. The murderer turned out to be Mary Bishop who killed Sage, mistaking her for her true target, Emily. When Diego read Sage's letter and a poem she wrote, Brook, Georgie and Lucas felt terrible. They wished that they had given poor Sage a chance and gotten to know her better.

It wasn't long afterward that Brook left Port Charles and moved to New York with her mother to make a try at a music career.

Always Room for Another Curtain Call

Brook Lynn is back, this time due to Carly's investigation of Dante Falconeri. Because of a connection he had back in Brooklyn to Brook, Carly has invited her back to Port Charles. Carly is determined to ruin Dante for turning Michael into the police, and she's hoping that Brook can help. Brook agrees because she needs the money. Ultimately, she is unable to seduce Michael away from Lulu, and she goes to work for Nikolas, acting as his date for social occasions. Ultimately, Brook Lynn leaves Port Charles to go on tour with a band.

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