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Damian Smith Profile

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree


Damian Smith Profile

Damian Smith (Leigh McCloskey) flanked by two of his women, Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) left, and Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman), right, on the night of a Nurses' Ball

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Seduce and Abandon

Played by the always easy on the eyes Leigh McCloskey, Damian was the son of Luke and Laura's nemesis, mob boss Frank Smith. On a bet with Lucy Coe, he seduced Bobbie Jones. At first, Bobbie was using Damian on behalf of her brother Luke in order to get info about Damian's imprisoned dad. However, she fell hard for handsome Damian. Damian made short work of the Jones-Spencer marriage - of course, he had a little help with their daughter dying, but something tells me he could have done it anyway.

Blackmail and Arson, But Bobbie Gets Revenge

Damian then tried to blackmail Alan and Monica about the murder of Ray Conway. Did I mention the toxic waste incinerator he wanted to start with ELQ funds? Okay then - Bobbie was thrown out of the brownstone by Tony, shacked up with Damian, and then found him in bed with Lucy. She dumped ice water on him but ultimately came back for more of that Smith lovin'. After Damian told her to get out of his life, Bobbie lured him into the catacombs by pretending to be a mysterious admirer, severed the power line and left Damian in the tunnel. Trying to climb out, he broke his back. Tony operated on him and saved him, and Damian and Katherine Bell swore vengeance on the whole damn bunch.

Eventually, while Damian was trying to set fire to Ward House with Laura Spencer and children inside, Justus Ward hit him on the head and left him for dead. He wasn't dead, however; it turned out he croaked later on - maybe. I don't put anything past Damian Smith, including resurrection.

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