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Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond) - Keeping it Cool While Turning Up the Heat

Thank God I'm a Country Boy


Jimmy Lee Holt (Steve Bond) - Keeping it Cool While Turning Up the Heat

Steve Bond (Jimmie Lee Holt)

Wehrleandpuk Archivalien
Jimmy Lee Arrives

Who would have believed it, but country boy Jimmy Lee Holt (played by Steve Bond) was the illegitimate son of Edward Quartermaine, the fruit of a liaison with one Beatrice LeSeur. Turns out that good ol' Jimmy Lee had inherited the devious gene shared by half-sister Tracy, half-brother Alan, and of course, Daddy Q.

When he arrived in Port Charles in 1983, Jimmy Lee had a couple of things going for him. One, he was easy on the eyes. Two, he liked to show off his muscles. Bond, a former Chippendale dancer, posed for Playgirl and for a wall poster in which he was bare-chested. The Israeli actor (born Shlomo Goldberg) was actually the last person to play "Boy" in the Tarzan movies, starring Mike Henry as Tarzan, so he was used to being semi-clothed.

Jimmy Lee in Love

Jimmy Lee's good buddy was Buzz Stryker (Don Galloway) whose daughter Sandy was crazy about him. Jimmy, however, had eyes only for Celia Quartermaine (Sherilyn Wolter), his spoiled distant cousin. How distant...well, she was the daughter of Edward's uncle. So I guess they could marry. Celia was betrothed to Grant Putnam. She was also Holly Sutton's (Emma Samms) best friend, which meant that she constantly bothered Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

When a man named Crane Tolliver came to town, he had papers proving the entire Quartermaine clan was illegitimate because he and Lila were never officially divorced. He conspired with Susan Moore (Gail Rae Carlson) (Jason Quartermaine's mother) to blackmail the family.

Murder and Blackmail

Susan Moore was shot by Crane Tolliver on the night that she had planned to make a blackmail exchange with the Quartermaines. Edward, Alan, Monica, and Jackie Templeton (Demi Moore) discovered her body when they arrived at her house. They all became suspects. Robert Scorpio investigated and found out that that Tolliver was the killer. Robert ended up shooting Tolliver, but on his deathbed, Tolliver managed to give the incriminating unsigned divorce papers to Jimmy Lee Holt. Jimmy Lee then started to work with the devious but dumb Heather Webber on blackmailing the Qs. However, the papers were destroyed in a fire before anyone could cash in.

In the midst of an affair with Monica's cousin Lorna, Jimmy Lee finally convinced Celia to leave Grant for him. (Except it was the wrong Grant. Long story.) She got bored pretty quickly. Jimmy met a gal named Charity Gatlin and moved back to Pawtuck to help her run a country store. And that's where you'll find him today.

Steve Bond Today

As for Steve Bond, he's still around. He appeared on Santa Barbara after his run on GH and then went on to do TV appearances and independent films. He has a film coming out in 2009.

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