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Johnny Zacchara

Living on the Edge


Johnny Zacchara

Olivia and Johnny

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Johnny Zacchara - General Hospital Character

Handsome, troubled, and torn between two worlds, Johnny Zacchara grew up in a mob home. Played by Brandon Barash since 2007, Johnny desires to escape the mob, but finds himself constantly pulled back in either because of the woman whom he believes to be his sister, Claudia Corinthos (who is in reality his mother) or the man he believes to be his father, Anthony Zacchara (his father is mobster Gino Soleito). Johnny's inability to change sides ruined his relationship with Lulu Spencer, and it now threatens his relationship with Olivia Falconeri. Devastated over the recent death of Claudia, and believing Sonny Corinthos to be her murderer, Johnny finds himself now in a precarious position. He hates Sonny and wants to bring him down, yet Johnny needs to avoid being killed himself. Plus, Johnny is in possession of a dangerous secret about Dominic Pirelli.

Brief Character History

Johnny's father, Anthony Zacchara, was a tyrant with mental problems that grew progressively worse over time. Anthony was devoted to his wife, Maria, and saw Johnny as a threat. Prone to horrible temper outbursts, at one point, Anthony tried to kill Johnny, but Maria jumped in front of him and took the bullet. She died, leaving Johnny at the mercy of Anthony. The murder was somehow hushed up, and Anthony became house-bound and isolated. He then turned his attention to Johnny and transferred his obsession with Maria to his son.

Johnny Shuns His Father's Business

Johnny didn't want his father's new attention and kept running away.

In fact, he went to live with relatives in order to get away from Anthony and the mob business. Anthony had the relatives murdered.

Driving through Port Charles one night, Johnny picked up Lulu Spencer, who was hitchhiking. Lulu had just found out that her boyfriend cheated on her and was terribly upset. She walked out into the road and took a ride from Johnny.

Johnny and Lulu, however, wound up stranded and stayed in a barn. At this point, all of Port Charles was searching for Lulu. Johnny had been spotted in Port Charles, and everyone was frightened that Lulu perhaps had been kidnapped by Johnny. The Zacchara family was attempting to take control of the Port Charles territory, dominated by Sonny. Anthony's top man, and the man who actually ran the Zacchara organization, was Trevor Lansing, Ric Lansing's father. Trevor was as much of a tyrant as Anthony and would kill anyone in his way.

The night that Johnny met Lulu, there was a murder in Carly's home. The children's nanny, Leticia, was killed. With Johnny around, Sonny and Jason believed this was a mob hit. Finally, Jason and Spinelli located Johnny, who was extremely hostile. He threatened to shoot Jason, but some associates of Jason arrived and put a stop to the showdown.

Johnny and Lulu

Lulu and Johnny stayed in touch by meeting and texting. Anthony, meanwhile, went on a tirade at the Black & White Gala held at Windemere. Anthony took hostages, wounded both Leyla Mir and Sonny Corinthos. When the hostages, Elizabeth and Jason, managed to get free, Anthony jumped off of a turret and went crashing into the courtyard below. On his way down, Jason shot him, paralyzing Anthony from the neck down. Eventually he was sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. Before he left, he told Johnny to take advantage of Trevor and secure his own position as head of the Zacchara organization. Then he was to kill Trevor before Trevor killed him.

Johnny wanted to make peace with Trevor but did not. Trevor hired a sniper to kill Sonny, and sent Lulu a note, purportedly from Johnny, asking her to meet him on the docks. He wanted Johnny to think that Sonny was after him and have Lulu killed. The plan failed but tension was high. Sonny realized that Trevor had tried to kill him, but he considered Johnny responsible for not keeping Trevor in line.

Logan Hayes' Murder

When Logan Hayes was killed by Lulu in self defense, Johnny and Lulu went on the run. Lulu was haunted by visions of the dead Logan and eventually had to be brought back to Port Charles for treatment. Once that was over and Lulu had been cleared, she, Johnny, and Maxie moved into an apartment together. Johnny tried to quit the business, but he felt entangled by it, explaining to Lulu what had happened to his poor relatives who tried to help him. He left his father and had no money, picking up odd jobs where he could. Kate Howard thought he and Maxie looked good together and hired him to be her escort at fashion events. This did not go over well with Lulu at all. Johnny and Maxie were attracted to one another, but only got as far as kissing. They both decided it wasn't a good idea.

During the Port Charles hospital crisis, Anthony disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. Johnny found himself thrown back into the mob business - not to mention that he and Lulu fought constantly over his close relationship with his sister, Claudia. Johnny was always having to help her or console her, and he even attended the party she threw for the various mobsters, appearing there as the Zacchara crown prince. Lulu and Johnny finally broke up.

Johnny and His Women

Johnny found a garage while he was stranded with Maxie one night; he eventually bought it and opened his own auto mechanic stop. His great love had always been working on cars. That doesn't mean he's totally out of the business or ever will be. He's also constantly sucked into some scheme or some lie by Claudia.

Lately Johnny has taken up with the slightly older Olivia Falconeri and is enjoying himself. With Sonny coming back into Olivia's life and Olivia's son with Sonny, Dante, in town, it's not known how long the affair will last. Dante knows Johnny and Claudia, but they know him as Dominic Pirelli, someone who used to work for the Zacchara organization. Johnny now knows Dominic is Dante, and is having trouble accepting that Olivia never told him. When Sonny finds out that he and Olivia have a son - situations may change.

Olivia eventually breaks up with Johnny because he can't let go of the mob. Anthony comes back into his life, his sister is murdered, and Johnny finds himself alone. Carly Jacks, now without her husband and spurned by Sean Blakemore, realizes that Johnny is about to give Michael a job. In order to keep Johnny from hiring Michael, she agrees to sleep with Johnny.

To get out of this situation, Carly asks Luke to get her damning information on the Zaccharas. He does so, giving Sonny the news, with documents to back it up, of Johnny's real parents: his sister Claudia and mobster Gino Soleito. Johnny is confronted with this, but Carly isn't told to give her deniability, according to Uncle Luke. Johnny is traumatized and swears revenge on Sonny, and wanting nothing to do with Anthony. Carly finds that despite the end of her agreement with Johnny, she's still attracted to him. In Johnny's despair and Carly's desire, the two sleep together.

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