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Jason and Elizabeth

Love's Labour's Lost


Jason and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Jason (Rebecca Herbst, Steve Burton)

Byron J. Cohen/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

These two can get together, all right, but somehow it never works out.

Tending to Jason's Wounds

From the day Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) started nursing the wounded Jason (Steve Burton) in her art studio until now, their strong connection has never been broken, nor has it ever been fully requited. Something - or someone - is always in the way. Originally it was Elizabeth's first love, Lucky, who turned up when he was supposed to be dead. When Elizabeth chose to stay with Lucky, Jason left town; when he returned, Elizabeth and Lucky were no longer a couple.

While Jason and Elizabeth were dating, Elizabeth was kidnapped, and the cycle of "we can't see each other, my life is too dangerous" began. Other relationships intervened (Elizabeth with Zander, Lucky again, and marriage to Ric Lansing, Jason with Courtney and Sam), but Elizabeth and Jason found their way back to one another long enough for Jason to father Jake, though he didn't find that out until the MetroCourt crisis. Fearing for the boy's safety from his enemies, Jason allowed Lucky, whom Elizabeth now remarried for, what, the third or fourth time (actually just the second), to be the boy's father.

Attempts to Reconnect

Despite attempts to get back together, Elizabeth and Jason just can't seem to do it for very long. Now, in fact, it looks as if Lucky and Elizabeth are going around for a third time. The fans want Jason and Elizabeth together. It's a true love, a tender love, and an important love for both of them. Why can't they make it work? Ask the writers.

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