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Logan Hayes

Crazy in Love


Logan Hayes

Logan (Josh Duhon) and Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner)

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Since the death of Logan Hayes is going to be revisited on General Hospital, I thought it would be good to review the story.

Logan (Josh Duhon) first appeared in Port Charles in March of 2007. He is a friend of Cooper Barrett's from Texas. Maxie ropes Cooper and Logan into a plan to blackmail Scott Baldwin. They have information that proves that Scott is the person who really killed Rick Webber, Laura's stepfather, five years earlier, and that he let Laura be blamed for it.

Maxie in those days was no friend of Lulu's, and she, Cooper, and Logan make it appear that Lulu is behind their plan. Logan is falling fast for Lulu, and he doesn't really want them to blame her. When Scott actually confronts Lulu, she realizes who is behind it.

When enemies attack Sonny and Jason at The Cellar, Logan is shot in the leg. Sonny pays his bills for him. Logan seems, however, to always be around gunfire or violence.

Logan is involved in a shootout with Alcazar's organization, and Lulu saves him. Logan works hard to protect Lulu from Scott. Lulu never liked Logan, but seeing his sincerity with regard to helping her, she admits being able to stand him. Logan misinterprets this, believing that Lulu is developing feelings for him.

In June, Logan approaches Lulu and kisses her -- she doesn't respond, so he is in the position of having to apologize. It does bring them closer; Logan is willing to listen to Lulu's problems, and she appreciates that.

Logan turns his attention to Maxie, and wants to have sex with her when she is done with Cooper, whom she is seeing. One day, Maxie sees Cooper and Lulu talking together. She tells Logan that if he can get Lulu into the sack, she'll have sex with him. Logan goes along, and he seduces Lulu.

Lulu is suspicious that Logan's father might be Scott Baldwin, because near the time Logan was born, Scott fathered a son in Texas. Baldwin and Logan do not get along at all. Logan doesn't like the way Scott pushed Lulu's buttons. He also hates him because Scott conducted a bad business deal and wiped out Logan's family money years earlier.

Logan does learn that Scott Baldwin is his father. The two slowly begin to build some sort of a relationship. Logan is not, however, able to continue in a relationship with Lulu. When Lulu finds out about the deal he made with Maxie regarding having sex with her, she is disappointed and hurt. Logan's explanation is that since he made that bet, his feelings have changed, but that falls on deaf ears. It becomes worse for Logan's chances to win Lulu: that very night she meets Johnny Zacchara.

This was the time of the Text Message killer, and Lulu becomes suspicious that he might be Logan! One night, Lulu goes to Logan's apartment and finds what she concludes is evidence. Logan is in reality trying to frame Johnny. Lulu doesn't buy it. Their fight becomes physical, ending when Lulu conks Logan on the head with a pipe wrench. Logan winds up in General Hospital with head trauma and stayed in a coma for weeks.

While Logan is hospitalized, the Text Message Killer kills someone else. Lulu is very upset. She stays at Logan's bedside in the hospital. When Logan wakes up, he learns that Lulu still feels the same way about him. She no longer wants a romance.

Logan goes to work for Anthony Zacchara as an assistant, during the time Anthony was confined to a wheelchair. He is verbally abusive, but Logan puts up with him. He wants to keep an eye on Lulu since she is dating Anthony's son Johnny.

By the summer of 2009, Logan starts to stalk Lulu. He would show up all the time, wherever she was, and ask for another chance with her. Lulu insists over and over that they are finished. She is in love with Johnny. Logan begins to detest Maxie and blames her for the end of his relationship with Lulu.

Logan is so incensed with Maxie that one evening when Maxie is working late at the Crimson office, he attacks her. Lulu sees the attack as she strolls onto Johnny's balcony. From there, she can see the Crimson offices. Logan looks up, sees Lulu and runs to Johnny's place to stop Lulu from calling the police. He pounds on the door, but Lulu doesn't answer. Logan grabs an ax from the fire alarm and broke the door down.

Terrified, Lulu tries to escape, but Logan claims that he only wants to talk to her. Lulu perceives him as being very nervous and hyper. She sees a knife and grabs it to keep him away from her. They struggle, and Logan is stabbed and dies.

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