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Robin and Stone

The Heart Will Go On


Robin and Stone

Robin and Stone (Kimberly McCullough, Michael Sutton)

Jane Harwood/Screencaps
The tragic love of Stone and Robin is one of the best remembered General Hospital storylines. When the two became lovers, Stone, who had dated a drug addict, believed that he was HIV-negative. When it turned out that he was HIV-positive, he couldn't bring himself to confess to Robin.

It wasn't until Stone was shot and his blood was on Robin's hands that she found out the truth. Robin herself subsequently learned that she was HIV-positive as well.

Stone went blind from his illness, and at the very end, he asked Robin to stand in the window light. He was then able to see her once more before he died.

Despite Robin's new life and great love for husband Patrick, Stone Cates will always live in Robin's heart.

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