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Steven Lars Webber

My Mother the Nut


Steven Lars Webber

Meet Steven Lars Webber (Scott Reeves)

Michael Yarish/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Steven Lars Webber - The Name Game

Steven Lars Webber should be happy that he inherited his intelligence from his dad, Dr. Jeff Webber, because his mother, Heather Webber, is nearly certifiable. Steven Lars should know that, since he lived life as P.J. Taylor after his mother sold him. Of course, his father thought he was dead. All part of Heather's plan.

Steven Lars' Mommie Dearest, Heather Webber

Heather Webber played the pregnancy card in order to lure Jeff away from his wife, Monica Webber, known to audiences today as Monica Quartermaine. Monica, in fact, was involved with both Webber brothers, Rick and Jeff. Sound a little like Elizabeth Webber to you?

Like most of Heather's scheme, this one backfired because Jeff refused to leave Monica for her. Depressed, Heather did what most of us would do – moved to New York to become a model. Guess she forgot she was pregnant, or maybe she planned on doing maternity catalogues. Anyway, Heather gave birth to Steven Lars and promptly sold him via a third party. Therefore, she didn't realize that her child was sold to Diana and Peter Taylor in Port Charles. Heather had reason to know this couple; she had worked for them as a nanny for their other child. Not only that, she had tried to get them to buy her unborn baby already. Heather could smell a potential adoption a mile away.

Well, Jeff didn't want to leave Monica, but he did want his child. In Heather's mind, she had no choice but to tell him that their baby was dead. Poor Jeff. He was so upset and guilt-ridden that he dumped Monica for Heather.

Heather Webber Meets The Baby She Sold, P.J. Taylor aka Steven Lars Webber

Once Heather returned to Port Charles, she met little P.J., then played by Martin Hewitt, and realized that he was Steven Lars. She decided at that point to get him back – after all, he was hers to reclaim and possibly re-sell when the going got rough. How was she going to explain him to Jeff? She didn't say. She was too busy with her plot to drive Diana Taylor insane, since Jeff and Heather had been guardians to P.J. In the event that something happened to Diana and Peter.

Heather's mother, the long-suffering Mrs. Grant, was by now sick of Heather's machinations and revealed P.J.'s true identity to Peter Taylor, who promptly had a heart attack and died.

Jeff Webber Moves to Bosnia and Takes Steven Lars with Him

Diana found out the truth about P.J. also and worried about losing her son to Jeff. So she threw her hat in the ring and attempted to seduce Jeff. Later, Diana was discovered murdered with the name “Anne” written in blood next to her body. Jeff immediately assumed the name should have been “Heather,” divorced his wife, grabbed Steven Lars, and split town for Bosnia. Heather went on to bigger and better things, all horrendous.

An Adult Steven Lars Returns, Leaves, and Returns Again

Steven Lars returned to Port Charles as an adult in 2004, played by Shaun Benson, first as a forensics medicine specialist working for D.A. John Durant, Carly's biological father. He then morphed into a pediatrician at GH. Steven Lars wound up in a romance with Carly. After A.J.'s murder, Steven Lars left Port Charles. Now, 5 years later, he's returning to take a position at GH. He's now being played by Scott Reeves and goes by “Steve.” Look for Steve to come up against Patrick Drake now that they're both hotshots at the hospital.

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