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Kate Howard (Connie Falconeri) - General Hospital Legacy Character

What's in a name?



Sophisticated, beautiful and ambitious, Kate Howard needed help during a storm after her car broke down. She wound up in Sonny's coffee house while waiting for help. Kate seemed familiar to Sonny, but she informed Sonny that, being in the fashion business, they couldn't have met.

Sonny finally realized that he knew Kate as Connie Falconeri, his first girlfriend back in Bensonhurst. Sonny and Connie were to elope, but on the night they were to leave Bensonhurst, Connie didn't show up. Kate/Connie explains now that she didn't want to stay in Bensonhurst and be a wife and mother. Connie changed her name to Kate Howard and attended college, reinventing herself as a classy sophisticate. It has since been revealed that Connie was raped by Joe Scully, Jr. She gave birth to a baby, whom she abandoned. Now he's Trey Mitchell, and is in Port Charles.

Portrayed by:

Megan Ward (5/4/2007 2010) Kelly Sullivan (2011 - present)

Occupations and Businesses, Past and Present:

Formerly: Editor of Couture Magazine (Fashion Division)
Present: Editor and Owner of Crimson Magazine, a competitor of Couture

Residences, Past and Present:

Kate Howard is originally from Bensonhurst, New York
She now resides in Port Charles

Marital Status:



Trevor Lansing
Sonny Corinthos (fiance)
Coleman (dated)

Kate's Car Trouble:

Crimes Committed
Hit and run, The Hamptons, before coming to Port Charles
Hit a police cruiser and ran again, 2007
DUI; resulting accident, 2007

Injuries, Illnesses, Phobias:

Raped by Joe Scully Jr. in 1987 and gave birth to a son, Trey, whom she abandoned.
Drugged by Trevor Lansing (hence the DUI), suffered injuries in resulting car accident
Snake bite (poisonous) while rescuing Morgan Corinthos from drowning
Highly superstitious
Has Dual Personality Disorder; other personality is Connie Falconeri

Kate Howard in Port Charles:

As Kate was getting established in fashion, she embarked on an affair with the married Trevor Lansing, who introduced her to the right people. Kate worked hard to become a fashion force and, while it might have taken her longer to "make it" without Trevor, she had the talent and persistence to get there anyway.

Old Habits Die Hard

The old fire begins to flame again between Kate and Sonny, but it's interrupted by the appearance of Trevor. He wants to rekindle his affair with Kate, who turns him down. In retaliation, Trevor frames Kate for a DUI; Couture fires her. Never one to stay down for long, Kate formed a new magazine with a different point of view, aimed at the working woman who wanted style but couldn't pay couture prices. She went to Jax with her plans, and he agreed to be her primary investor.

Kate Starts Crimson Magazine

Kate decides to name her magazine Crimson; she sets up offices, and hired Maxie Jones as an assistant. Lulu Spencer also works for Crimson when she feels like it. When Michael Corinthos was shot while she and Sonny were in Sonny's warehouse, Ian Devlin came to her and confessed to the shooting. He wanted $1 million to blow town, and if he didn't get it, he was going to kill Sonny. Kate embezzled money from her own magazine and gave it to Ian. Jason tracked down Ian and killed him, and Spinelli managed to get the money back into Crimson.

Sonny found out, and it took Kate some time to get back into Sonny's good graces. Now they are engaged, and Carly Corinthos has taken Trevor Lansing's place: She wants to destroy Kate, believing Kate to be after Jax (they once shared a kiss). It goes further than this, however: She is jealous that Kate is going to marry Sonny, and she cannot forgive Sonny for saving Kate that day at the warehouse when Michael was shot. Carly has asked Spinelli to dig deep and find some dirt on Kate.

The Bride Wore Red

Kate is shot on her wedding day by a bullet intended for Sonny. She has a long hospital recuperation, during which time she is visited by her bridesmaid and cousin, Olivia Falconeri. Sonny and Kate never do marry; instead, Sonny marries Claudia Corinthos in order to combine forces with the Zacchara mob. Kate stays in Port Charles running Crimson, but these days, she's out of town a great deal and leaves a lot of the work to Maxie. She's also embarked on an interesting relationship with Coleman, who runs Jake's bar.

Kate and Sonny eventually found their way back to one another, but the trauma of the rape and birth Kate suffered and repressed as a young woman has bubbled to the surface. She has developed Dual Personality Disorder and her other self is the streetwise Connie Falconeri.

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