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Lulu Spencer - General Hospital Character

Luke's Daughter



Emme (also known as Marcy) Rylan as Lulu Spencer

ABC, Inc.

Luke's Daughter All the Way:

Lesley Lu "Lulu" Spencer was born to Luke and Laura Spencer after their return to Port Charles, having been on the run for many years with their son, Lucky. When the baby developed aplastic anemia, it was learned that Laura had another son, Nikolas, with Stavros Cassadine, while living in captivity. The bone marrow donated by Nikolas saved Lulu. Her grandmother Lesley, Laura's mother, primarily raised the little girl after Laura was institutionalized. As Lulu grew older, Lesley found her more and more difficult to handle, and finally insisted that Luke take over. Lulu then went to live with Luke and his new wife, Tracy, in the Quartermaine mansion.

It was painful for both Lulu and Luke as they attempted to develop a relationship. She had a lot of anger about Luke being an erratic presence in her life; Luke was reminded not only of the Cassadines when he looked at her but also of Laura. Eventually he became impressed with how much she was like him and how well she had turned out.

Lulu Finds Romance

Lulu became attracted to Tracy's son, Dillon Quartermaine, who lived in the mansion also. Dillon, however, was married to Georgie Jones. Lulu aided the breakup of the couple and then lost her virginity to Dillon. She became pregnant and had an abortion.

Then Laura received an experimental drug, which brought her out of her catatonic state for a short time. Laura told Lulu that she did not kill her father, Rick Webber, as everyone assumed. Lulu cleared her mother of the crime with the help of Damien Spinelli.

She met the next man in her life, Logan Hayes, after the MetroCourt explosion. Lulu learned that Rick Webber's killer was Scott Baldwin and found out that Scott's son was Logan! The manipulative Maxie Jones got Logan to sleep with her, and told Lulu. Terribly upset, Lulu hitched a ride with a young man, Johnny Zacchara, the son of a vicious mobster. Johnny would become her next love.

Lulu went to work for Crimson Magazine under Kate Howard. She broke up with Johnny, but they reconciled. Johnny's father, Anthony Zacchara, believed it was because he threatened to have Luke arrested if Lulu did not stay with Johnny. He believed he could control Johnny better if he stayed with Lulu. However, Lulu and Johnny were in love; Anthony had nothing to do with it.

Lulu later met and fell in love with Dante Falconeri, though at the time he was undercover and using another name. She had no idea of his real identity, which was Olivia Falconeri's illegitimate son with Sonny Corinthos. Despite their on again/off again relationship, eventually the couple eloped.

Lots of Changes

Dante was unhappy when his new wife took over the Haunted Star in partnership with her old boyfriend, Johnny, but came to accept it. She and Dante began to try to have a family, but they could not. Finally they decided to go the surrogacy route, and Maxie Jones offered to carry their baby for them. Dante and Lulu were thrilled.

Lulu unfortunately was kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine, and believed dead. As the father of Nikolas, Stavros was always obsessed with Laura; now he transferred his obsession to Lulu. He placed her in a cryogenic chamber on Cassadine Island, where she was eventually found by her family. She was safe, but with complete amnesia and insisted that Stavros was her husband. Lulu had in fact gone through a ceremony with him, and the marriage had been consummated. Confused by Dante's feelings for her, she ran to Milo Giambetti's apartment and stayed there; the relationship was completely platonic. Once she calmed down and spoke with Dante, her memory slowly returned.

More Heartache

Now Dante and Lulu believe they are parents. The baby Maxie carried to term is not theirs, but hers and Spinelli's. Could Dr. Britt Westbourne have inseminated herself with Dante and Lulu's fertilized egg and passed her pregnancy off as being first due to Patrick, then later to Brad, the lab tech? It's possible. The truth will be revealed soon. In the meantime, they have bonded with the baby, named Connie, and are in the midst of a vicious custody battle.

Portrayed By:

As a Child:

Amanda and Kerrianne Harrington (1994 to 1995)
Clare and Maribel Moses (March 1995 to September 1995)
Alisyn and Kelli Griffith (1995 to 1997; 1998 to 2001)
Stephanie Allen (2001 to 2003)
Tessa Allen (2004 to 2005)

As an adult:

Julie Berman (2005 to 2013)

Emme Rylan (2013-present)


Filed papers at the Port Charles Police Department Assistant to Kate Howard, Crimson Magazine
Former Student

Residences, Past and Present:

682 Paulson Street, Apartment 4B, Port Charles, New York (Present) 24 Royal Street, Port Charles, New York
Former: Quartermaine Mansion, 66 Harbor View Road, Port Charles, New York


Dillon Quartermaine (one child, aborted)
Logan Hayes
Johnny Zacchara
Dante Falconeri (husband)


Luke Spencer (father)
Laura Spencer (mother)
Lucky Spencer (brother)
Nikolas Cassadine (half-brother, Laura's son)
Tracy Quartermaine (stepmother)
Rick Webber (step-grandfather, Laura's stepfather)
Lesley Williams (grandmother, Laura's mother)
Barbara Jean Spencer (aunt, Luke's sister)
Carly Corinthos (cousin)
Barbara Jean Jones (adoptive cousin; deceased)
Lucas Jones (adoptive cousin)
Spencer Cassadine (half-nephew, Nikolas' son)
Michael Corinthos III (first cousin once removed)
Morgan Stone Corinthos (first cousin once removed)


Took money out of Skye Chandler's wallet
Took $15,000 from Tracy Quartermaine

Injuries, Illnesses, Druggings:

Aplastic anemia
Encephalitis (2006)
Abortion (2006)
Drugged and kidnapped by Lorenzo Alcazar’s men (2006)
Injured in MetroCourt explosion (2007) Kidnapped by Franco [Jan 2010] Kidnapped by Ronnie Dimestico [Apr 2012] Hit but not seriously wounded by a bullet [May 2012] Ingested toxin Jerry Jacks placed in water supply. [Sep 2012] Kidnapped by Stavros Cassadine [Mar 2013] Amnesia from being in a cryogenic chamber [April-May 2013]

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