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Patrick Drake - General Hospital Character

Dr. McDreamy


Patrick Drake - General Hospital Character

Patrick and Robin (Jason Thompson, Kimberly McCullough) share a moment at GH.

Rick Rowell/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Patrick Drake - General Hospital Character

Dr. Patrick Drake

Ron Tom/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Patrick Drake - General Hospital Character

The rarely seen Jason Cook (Dr. Matt Hunter) with Jason Thompson (Dr. Patrick Drake)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

The Dysfunctional Drakes

Handsome and confident to the point of arrogance, Patrick Drake is the second member of his family to work as a surgeon at General Hospital, the first being his father, Noah. Father and son have never gotten along. When Robin initially asked Patrick to help save Jason's life, he refused because of his father's involvement in the case. Sam and Robin played to his ego, hinting that perhaps he wasn't capable of performing the surgery, so that Patrick would agree. He accepted the challenge, and he saved Jason.

However, it did little to build Patrick's popularity at the hospital. Robin felt that he was heartless and only interested in his career, not in patients. She was interested in what drives his bad relationship with his father, and later learned that Noah is an alcoholic who turns to liquor when he loses a patient. Noah had an illegitimate child who comes to work at General Hospital, Dr. Matt Hunter - the brother that Patrick never knew.

Sparks Fly Between Patrick and Robin

Patrick and Robin had an obvious chemistry, and he had fun making her jealous, though there was supposedly nothing between them. Robin denied any interest. That all changed the day that Patrick, while performing surgery on an AIDS patient, cut himself, and was exposed to the HIV virus. Being HIV positive herself, Robin gave him moral support, and they became lovers. Patrick later learned that he was not infected with HIV.

When Robin believed she might be pregnant, she realized by Patrick's reaction that he was not family-oriented, and the couple break up. She was not pregnant, so she decided to go to a sperm bank, as she wanted a child of her own. Patrick then took up with the beautiful Leyla Mir, but that did not help him to forget Robin. After Georgie Jones (Robin's cousin) was murdered by the Text Message Killer, the couple reunited. He suggested that they focus on their relationship instead of her desire for a child at least for a year. Robin knew that a year would not make any difference, so they broke up yet again.

When she announced her pregnancy several months later, Patrick did not realize that the baby was actually his and not a sperm donor's; the condom broke the last time they made love - another in a line of pregnancies resulting from faulty manufacturing.

A Commitment to Fatherhood - and Robin

Now knowing the truth, Patrick was anxious to be part of his baby's life, and he wanted Robin to move in with him so that they could be a family. Robin didn't believe his feelings would remain that way once the newness of having a child wore off. He finally convinced her that this just was not true. The two married, and Robin gave birth to their daughter Emma. However, she developed postpartum depression, which was a major problem for the couple.

Robin received treatment for her postpartum depression, and the couple appeared to have gotten through this very rough patch. There were more challenges to come.

Unfortunately, Robin was in a lab explosion and died, or so everyone believed.  In truth, she was kidnapped by Jerry Jacks so that she could find a cure for his plutonium poisoning.  Now she's back, and about to reclaim her family.

Patrick Drake, M.D.

Portrayed by:

Jason Thompson (12/07/2005 - present)


Neurosurgeon at General Hospital

Marital Status:

Married: Robin Scorpio (2008)

Related to:

Noah Drake (father)

Matt Hunter (half-brother)


Emma Drake (born 2008)


Robin Scorpio (wife)
Leyla Mir (girlfriend)

Britt Westbourne (one-night stand)

Sabrina Santiago (currently engaged)

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