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Sonny Corinthos - General Hospital Character

Mob Boss


Sonny Corinthos - General Hospital Character

Maurice Benard

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A young Morgan and his dad

ABC, Inc.

Sonny with his attorney, Diane Miller, and his enforcer Jason Morgan.

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Powerful and tortured, Sonny Corinthos has seen his loved ones suffer because of his mobster lifestyle. He has also faced betrayal by women he loved. Sonny endured a traumatic childhood growing up in Brooklyn with his mother, Adela, and his abusive stepfather Deke. His biological father, now known as Mike Corbin, left the family when Sonny was very young.

Sonny's relationship with Carly Benson Quartermaine began when she became a possible witness against him; they married so that she couldn't be forced to testify against him.


Arriving in Port Charles in 1993, Sonny became a force in the mob. Several women he loved tried to get evidence against him. Each believed that she was doing the right thing for him. His marriage to Lily Rivera was a marriage of convenience. Lily died from a car bomb planted by her own father, who believed Sonny was deserting her.

Not only has Sonny been unlucky in love, but he has lost children -- Carly's first child with him was aborted to save her life; Sam's daughter with Sonny died shortly after birth. Lily was pregnant when she died. All of this has taken its toll on him, making him feel cursed.

A Family Man in More Ways Than One:

Sonny has had his difficulties with family, too. He has an uneasy relationship with his birth father, Mike Corbin; half-brother Ric Lansing came to Port Charles bent on destroying him, blaming him for the death of their mother. He was able to forge a good relationship with his half-sister, Courtney, but she died.

The mobster became involved with Sam McCall, who helped him escape from a crime scene. Petite and brunette, she reminded him of his great love, Brenda Barrett - a love he shared with his rival, Jax. Sam became pregnant, though the child died. Sonny's daughter with Alexis was saved due to a stem cell transplant from that infant. He and Carly divorced again. Sonny had an affair with an FBI agent, Reese Marshall. Sonny moved on to Emily Quartermaine. During this time, he found he was bipolar and went on medication. Then Sonny reconnected with an old flame, Kate Howard.

Sonny's enemies are legion: Joseph Sorel, Luis Alcazar, Lorenzo Alcazar and Faith Roscoe, to name a few. Many of Sonny's enemies are gone. He also had to deal with the Zacchara family (and married Claudia Zacchara to solidify his position) and also the fact that his lifestyle has put his son Michael in a coma. 

Michael emerged from the coma but wanted to be part of his father's business. He accidentally killed Claudia while she was trying to steal Carly's new baby, and Sonny and Jason worked hard to cover this up. An undercover cop, Dominic Pirelli, was put on the Sonny investigation to find evidence to put him away for good. He became interested in Claudia's death, believing that Sonny is the perpetrator.

Dominic infiltrated his way into the organization, and Sonny wanted to give him the reins when he retired! No sooner does that conversation take place than Sonny learns that Dominic is a cop. On the day that Carly's baby is christened, Sonny summons Dominic to run an errand. Dominic puts him under arrest. Sonny shoots him. What he doesn't know is that Dominic is Dante Falconeri, Olivia's son - and his. Olivia never told him about Dante.

Endangering the ones he loves and betrayal – two things Sonny Corinthos constantly faces in his life. Now he has to deal with shooting his son. Sonny, despite the shooting, was determined to forge a relationship with Dante.

    He and Dante now have a decent relationship, if an uneasy one, given Dante's position as a police officer. 

    Now, with his right hand Jason presumed dead, Sonny has to deal with the Jerome family.  Once a mere footnote in Port Charles, and supposedly all dead, it's been learned that Julian Jerome is still alive and that a newcomer to Port Charles, art dealer Ava Jerome, is his sister.  They are there to take down Sonny.

    Portrayed by:

    Sonny Corinthos has been played by Maurice Benard from 1993-1997; and from 1998-present.

    Occupations and Businesses, Past and Present:

    Overriding Profession: Mobster
    Legitimate business: Coffee importing

    Former businesses:

    The Paradise Lounge (strip club) – owner
    L&B Records – partner with Lois Cerullo and Brenda Barrett
    Luke’s Blues Club – partner with Luke Spencer
    Deception Cosmetics – co-owner with Laura Spencer

    Residences, Past and Present:

    Present: Greystone Manor
    Former: Harbor View Towers, 122 Harbor View Drive, Penthouse 4
    Port Charles, New York
    Owns a private island close to Port Charles


    Lily Rivera (ended with her death): one son, deceased
    Carly Benson (Married: September 2000; Divorced: November 2001): two sons, Michael (adopted) and Morgan
    Carly Benson Married: February 2001) (divorced again)
    Carly Benson (Married: Jan 16th, 2007; Divorced: Apr 19th, 2007)
    Claudia Zacchara (Married December 1, 2008 to November 4, 2009 - her demise)
    Brenda Barrett (Married October 2011)

    Non-Marital Relationships and Resulting Children:

    Olivia Falconeri (son, Dante)
    Karen Wexler
    Brenda Barrett
    Sam McCall
    Cindy Woods
    Hannah Scott
    Alexis Davis (daughter, Kristina)
    Emily Quartermaine
    Reese Davis
    Kate Howard Samantha McCall (daughter, deceased)
    Reese Marshall
    Emily Bowen-Quartermaine
    Amelia Joffee
    Claudia Zacchara
    Kate Howard


    Mike Corbin (father) owner of Kelly’s restaurant
    Adela Corinthos (mother; deceased)
    Richard Lansing (half-brother) kidnapper, D.A., attorney
    Courtney Matthews (half-sister; deceased)
    Molly Lansing (half-niece) daughter of Ric and Alexis Davis
    Spencer Cassadine (half-nephew) son of Courtney and Nikolas Cassadine

    Notable Arrests, Murders, Attempted Murders, Other Assorted Crimes:


    Racketeering (FBI, September 1999)
    FBI arrest as protected witness April
    Kidnapping Skye Quartermaine (not guilty) March 2002
    Racketeering Nov 18th, 2004


    Scully – teenage friend who had Sonny’s stepfather killed (1995)
    Ben Rogers – trying to protect Sam (2004)
    Assassin who planted explosive in his limo (2004)

    Offers They Couldn’t Refuse

    Held Brian Beck at gunpoint (February 11, 2004)
    Blackmailed A.J. into giving Carly a divorce (March 2000)
    Held a gun to Faith Roscoe's neck (October 31, 2003)

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