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Don't Rain on My Parade: 'General Hospital' Recap for Monday, December 1, 2008


Since Kate apparently - like the rest of Port Charles - doesn't believe in locking her door, Carly is able to walk right in on her and Jax having sex on the floor. She throws the melted ice from the ice bucket all over them. She threatens to destroy Kate.

Sonny and Claudia blah blah blah their way through the ceremony. It doesn't look like he's going to kiss the bride, but he does, and it's quite passionate. Then Sonny obliterates the cake with a knife -glad he didn't go into surgery. After a toast to the bride and groom, Anthony orders Claudia out of the room, but Sonny insists that she stay. Anthony wants a meeting of the lieutenants at his place, but Sonny declares that the meeting will be at his house without Anthony. He is running the organization his way as Anthony promised. Anthony protests that he can't trust Sonny, but Claudia points out that was the whole reason for the wedding. Trevor has a laugh when he sees the look on Anthony's face as Claudia and Sonny leave. Anthony wants Ric to give him a blow by blow of anything discussed with Sonny. Somehow I think Ric is going to be a renegade.

Jason and Sam go after the Russians, leaving a screaming, hysterical Elizabeth behind. She hides with Cameron inside the cabin. There's a knock at the door - it's Lucky, much to Elizabeth's relief. A nice and interesting bit of editing then occurs - Sam tells Jason what happened and Elizabeth tells Lucky - the scene goes back and forth between the two couples. GH has done this before, and it's always good.

Lulu and Johnny are parked on the road looking at the stars, and Lulu is fantasizing about a life on the run like her parents had. They become quite amorous and jump in the back seat to make out, but some cop drives up and starts harrassing them. Lulu and Johnny don't seem afraid of him and talk back, making the situation worse. He finally arrests Johnny and asks for ID. When he sees that Johnny is a Zacchara, he uncuffs him. Johnny is now furious, and when the cop says something nasty to Lulu, Johnny decks him. The lovebirds jump in the car, and off they go.

Nikolas goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. He appreciates how much Luke helped him when Emily died, and he's there to see if he can help Luke through the Tracy/Laura situation. Luke says that he's married to Tracy, and he can't just run off, though he would have gone to France to help Laura get settled. However, the way things are looking, at the moment, he's got no one!

Sonny and Claudia return to his place, and Claudia is getting her own room. Not only that, when he's talking with Anthony's lieutenants and she interrupts, he puts her in her place.

Carly begins her plan of destruction against Kate immediately. Her first port of call is Trevor. She says that she wants to help him get back with Kate, but she needs as much scandal on Kate as she can get. She even sweetens the pot by offering him an attorney job for the Metro Court. Trevor turns the whole thing down.

Elizabeth and Lucky explain to the police what happened. Elizabeth is guilt-ridden about putting Jake in danger. Yeah, she should have listened to Jason.

Olivia arrives at Kate's, and Kate blows up at her. If she'd told Sonny that Dante was his son, he never would have married Claudia, and she wouldn't have slept with Jax. Perhaps when was shot, a fragment reached her brain.

Jason and Sam find a cave where Sam said the Russians were hiding ammunition. They find one of Jake's shoes inside. Then there's a cave-in.

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