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The Bells are Ringing: 'General Hospital' Recap for Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Bells are Ringing: 'General Hospital' Recap for Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anna and Robin

ABC/Adam Larkey
Though it's Robin's wedding day, she's the calm one. It's everyone else who's frantic. Anna is emotional, feeling as if she's never really been there for her daughter. Robin says that her mother's strength got her through.

Maxie and Spinelli are busy at the church. Spinelli thinks that Maxie will be a beautiful bride, but she quashes that. She's never getting married because of her mother Felicia's actions - marrying Mac and then less than a year later, having an affair with Luke. And now she's gone. Maxie says, forget it. She never wants to hurt anyone like that. Spinelli seems deflated.

Olivia is very impressed with Patrick's wheels, she coming from a family of mechanics. Patrick wants to take the car for one last spin before settling down. Olivia advises him not to give up those things that he loves because they're the wrong image for a married dad. If he does that, he'll resent his wife and child.

Ric was stood up for his date with Claudia, and when he finds her, he's unhappy. When he finds out she nearly married Jason, that about does it. Ric doesn't want her to do as her father wishes. Claudia, of course, sees this as the first leverage she has. She goes over to GH so she can tell Kate that she and Sonny are about to join in unholy matrimony and continues taunting the poor woman until Olivia throws her out. Kate is very shaken.

Jason visits Sonny and tells him what happened with Claudia - he doesn't want Sonny in the Zacchara's hands. Sonny wonders out loud if Jason thinks he's stupid. Jason's smart, so he doesn't answer. Sonny says if the way he plays things means that he and Jason wind up on opposite sides, that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Ric follows shortly after Jason's departure and asks Sonny not to marry Claudia. Sonny says that he isn't going to. Ric comments that Claudia is not as tough as she seems.

Maxie makes a plea for Jason to attend Robin's wedding. She just prattles on, paying no attention to him. She points out how much he helped Robin when Stone died, and how she would love him to be there to share in her happiness.

When Sonny gets to GH, Olivia is there to let him have it. Again, he says he's not going to marry Claudia. But Olivia lets Sonny know that he's forgotten to whom he's speaking - no matter what he says, he'll do what he has to do to regain his power.

A cheerful Claudia returns to the Zacchara manse with shopping bags - trousseau stuff, probably. She lets her father know that he needs her, and as a result, she's calling the shots. They're screaming at each other when Anthony stops and starts stroking out.

Epiphany is surprised to see Patrick hanging around work when he should be getting ready for the wedding. He says he has plenty of time. Matt comes along, looking about 20 years younger with no beard. He's surprised he wasn't invited to the wedding; Patrick says that Robin wanted to invite him, but he didn't think Matt would want to attend. Matt says he's right. You can shave someone, but it doesn't change them.

Jason decides to attend the wedding after all and arrives at the church early. He's standing there, seemingly enjoying the quiet, when who should also arrive but Elizabeth. Wordlessly, the two meet and join hands.

As the time grows near, Maxie sends Spinelli out to find Patrick, though Robin doesn't seem worried. Patrick, however, is doing rounds in his scrubs rather than divesting himself of his scrubs for the Scrubs wedding! Looks like he's into some avoidance there.

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