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Wedding Bell Blues: 'General Hospital' Recap for Friday, September 26, 2008


Wedding Bell Blues: 'General Hospital' Recap for Friday, September 26, 2008

Olivia and Kate fight over Nonna's necklace

ABC/Adam Larkey

Nadine sits tied up on the Russian ship, probably feeling pretty stupid. She manages to work the ropes free and makes a try at jumping overboard. However, she's caught. Apparently a pickpocket in another life, she has stolen a cell phone from one of the men and surreptitiously dials Nikolas. This plot device was used another time on General Hospital, when someone had - I think it was Ric Lansing's - number on speed dial and used it. Since the person who had him on speed dial was a mortal enemy (I can't remember who it was) it was ridiculous. Anyway, Nikolas answers and can't understand what he's hearing, finally figuring out that Nadine is on the pier somewhere and in trouble. Nadine stalls for time by claiming that others know that Karpov is involved in counterfeit drugs, but she refuses to give names. Sasha is mulling where best to throw Nadine in, since they're too close to shore, when Nikolas arrives with a gun and puts it at Sasha's neck, saving the day.

Meanwhile, plans for the evening wedding are in full swing. Jason stops by to see Sonny; he wants to clear taking Carly to the wedding with Sonny. Robin visits Sonny to wish him well; she has an emergency procedure and won't be able to attend either. Sonny has very sweet moments with both of them. He also expresses his gratitude to Mike for being part of the wedding.

Maxie arrives at Kate's to find Olivia in the maid-of-honor gown, but she shrugs it off. When she finds out that Olivia is Kate's cousin, she wants Spinelli to do an Internet search. When she finds out about Connie/Kate, Maxie is livid.

Olivia presents Kate with Nonna's necklace, worn by all the Falconeri women on their wedding day. Kate is thrilled, but of course, it doesn't match her dress. Now, she still could have worn it by pinning it inside and stuffing the pendant part down her bra or something, or pinning it somewhere under the dress, but none of this is explored. She's just not wearing it. Olivia has a fit and calls her shallow etc. Kate retorts that Nonna treated her like dirt when she tried to live her new life. The fight escalates in volume and soon, the whole church hears them going at it. Claudia and Carly can't get enough of it, both giggling.

A studly attendant enters Lulu's room at Shadybrook - Johnny! He wants to break Lulu free and escort her to Kate's and Sonny's wedding, which he does. Somewhere Lulu gets a beautiful blue dress and they attend looking like one hot couple.

Although Kate threw Olivia out, the two calm down enough so that Olivia does serve as maid-of-honor. The wedding begins, and Kate composes herself as a soprano sings the Schubert "Ave Maria." Olivia, wearing the necklace, looks lovely heading down the aisle and Kate is beautiful, finally managing a smile when she sees a happy Sonny up ahead. The two face one another at the altar.

Suddenly, there's a shot.

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