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Family Trees

Family trees, including the Quartermaines, the Cassadines, the Spencers, the Zaccharas, the Corinthos, the Baldwins and the Webbers.

Quartermaine Family Tree
The family tree of one of the most powerful families in Port Charles, the Quartermaines

Webber Family Tree
The Webber Family Tree, one of the legacy families on the soap opera General Hospital

Cassadine Family Tree
Cassadine family tree; the Cassadines have been a very important part of the history of Port Charles and who have had a strong effect on several other families, including the Spencers and the Quartermaines.

Baldwin Family Tree
The Baldwin Family Tree

Zacchara Family Tree
Here is a look at the family tree of a new group of mobsters in Port Charles, the Zacchara family

Corinthos Family Tree
Corinthos Family Tree from General Hospital. This includes Sonny's half-sister Courtney Matthews, his illegitimate son Dante Falconeri, and his half-brother Ric Lansing

Spencer Family Tree
Spencer family tree from General Hospital, which includes members of the Webber, Quartermaine, and Cassadine families

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