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Baldwin Family Tree


Lee Baldwin married Meg Bentley (deceased)

child: Scott Baldwin (adopted Meg's son with David Bordisso)
affair: Rhonda Wexler
  • child: Karen Wexler (deceased)

         ---married. Jagger Cates (divorced)

married: Laura Webber (divorced)
married: Susan Moore (deceased)

affair: Heather Webber

  • child: Franco

affair: Jacqueline Hayes

  • child: Logan Hayes
married: Dominique Stanton (deceased)
  • child: Serena Baldwin
(Lucy Coe acted as surrogate for Dominique)
married: Lucy Coe (divorced)
  • child: Serena Baldwin
(Lucy adopted Serena after the divorce)

Brother of Lee Baldwin: Thomas Baldwin Sr.
married: Audrey March (divorced)
  • child: Thomas (later adopted by Steve Hardy)

----married Simone Ravelle (divorced)

  • child: Thomas Steven Hardy Jr.
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