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Cassadine Family Tree


Father: Mikkos Cassadine (deceased) --married to Helena

child: Stavros Cassadine (deceased)
--married to Laura Webber Spencer

----------child: Nikolas Cassadine


---Lydia Karenin (divorced)

---Emily Bowen-Quartermaine (divorced)

---Courtney Matthews (deceased)
---------child: Spencer Cassadine (born 2006)


  • child: Stefan Cassadine (deceased)
    ---married Bobbie Spencer (dissolved)

Father:  Mikkos/affair with Kristin Nillson (deceased)

  • child: Alexis Davis (originally Natasha Cassadine)

    ---affair with Julian Jerome

    -------child Samantha McCall (Given up for adoption as a child)

                  ------child: Danny Morgan (with Jason Morgan)

-Jasper Jacks (divorced)

---affair with Michael "Sonny" Corinthos Jr.

------------child Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis

---married Ric Lansing (divorced)

--------------child Molly Lansing (born 2005)

  • child: Kristina Cassadine (deceased)

Anthony Cassadine (brother of Mikkos)

   --engaged to Alexandria Quartermaine

Victor Cassadine (brother of Mikkos)

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