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Quartermaine Family Tree


Edward Quartermaine and Mary Mae Ward (not married)

Child: Bradley Ward (deceased)

married: unknown (deceased)

  • child: David Ward (deceased)
  • --------------------child: Keisha Ward
  • child: Bradley Ward II (deceased)
  • --------------------child: Faith Ward
    ---------------------------------child: Maya Ward

---------------------child Justus Ward (deceased)

Edward Quartermaine and Beatrice LeSeur (not married)

  • Child: Jimmy Lee Holt

Edward Quartermaine and Lila Morgan

  • Child: Alan Quartermaine Sr. (deceased)

1. married: Monica Bard

2. Affair with?

-----------child: Skye Chandler Quartermaine (adopted as adult, 2004)
--------------------------married Tom Cudahy (divorced)
--------------------------married: Jonathan Kinder (divorced)
--------------------------married: Ben Davidson (divorced)
--------------------------married: Jasper Jacks (divorced)
--------------------------affair: Lorenzo Alcazar
------------------------------child: Lila Rae Quartermain

-----------child: Alan "A.J." Quartermaine Jr. (with Monica)

-------------------------married: Caroline "Carly" Benson (divorced)
-------------------------married: Courtney Matthews (deceased) (invalid)
3. affair: Susan Moore (deceased)

-----------child: Jason Morgan (adopted by Monica)
-------------------------married: Brenda Barrett (annulled)
-------------------------married: Courtney Matthews (divorced)
-------------------------affair: Elizabeth Webber
---------------------------------child: Jacob Martin Spencer (deceased)

4. married: Lucy Coe (divorced)
5. married: Monica Bard (again)

child: Emily Quartermaine (deceased) (adopted)

--------------------married Alexander Smith (divorced)
--------------------married Nikolas Cassadine (divorced)

  • Child: Tracy Quartermaine

1. married: Larry Ashton

-------------Child: Ned Ashton

---------------------married: Dawn Winthrop (annulled)
---------------------married: Jenny Eckert (divorced)
---------------------married: Lois Cerullo (divorced)
---------------------------------child: Brook Lynn Ashton
---------------------married: Chloe Morgan (divorced)

2. married: Mitch Williams (divorced)
3. married: Paul Hornsby (divorced) --------------------

---------------child: Dillon Quartermaine

-----------------married Georgiana Jones

-----------------affair: Lulu Spencer
---------------------------------unamed child (abortion)

5. married: Gino Soleito (divorced)
6. married: Luke Spencer Sr.
7. married: Anthony Zacchara (deceased)

8. married: Luke Spencer Sr.

Alexandra Quartermaine - deceased (Edward's niece)


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