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History 1963-Present

Read everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite soap opera, General Hospital, including what happened before you started watching.

A Rich History, Part I
A look at General Hospital, the popular soap opera that first went on the air in 1963

A Rich History, Part II
An overview of General Hospital from the 1990s to the present

Duke Lavery and The Jerome Family - 50 Years of General Hospital
The Jerome family, a mob family in Port Charles, and the custody fight over Julian Jerome's son with Cheryl Stansbury.

Edward Quartermaine Dies the First Time - 50 Years of General Hospital
Fifty Years of General Hospital, Edward Quartermaine's 1989 Death, during which Edward is found living as a beach bum named Hank.

The Barrington Family: Fifty Years of General Hospital
Fifty Years of General Hospital - The Barrington Family, including Amanda Barrington, and her relationship to Alison and to Rafe Kovich, Jr.

Luke & Laura & The Ice Princess - 50 Years of General Hospital
Luke goes to work for Edward Quartermaine, who is looking for the world's largest uncut diamond, The Ice Princess.

Frisco, Felicia & The Aztec Treasure - 50 Years of General Hospital
Fifty Years of General Hospital - The Aztec Treasure, during which Frisco and Felicia, one of General Hospital's supercouples, meet for the first time.

Scott Baldwin-Lucy Coe: 50 Years of General Hospital
Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe - 50 years of General Hospital: Lucy Coe and Scott Baldwin try to get Serena Baldwin ransomed from kidnappers

Alan Tries to Kill Rick and Monica: 50 Years of General Hospital
Alan tries to kill Monica and Rick after he finds out they are having an affair and that A.J. is rick's child

The Face of Deception - 50 Years of General Hospital
The Face of Deception, 50 Years of General Hospital, covering the different owners of Deception and the new Deception.

Where to Write to Sponsors
How to contact soap opera sponsors

General Hospital Writing, Directing, and Acting Submissions
For the Daytime Emmy Awards, General Hospital nominees submit their work, and we can see what scenes won Anthony Geary, Jonathan Jackson, and Nancy Lee Grahn their Daytime Emmy Awards.

General Hospital in 2014 - What's Ahead
General Hospital - What's Ahead for 2014, for Robin and Patrick, the Jerome family, Sam and Silas, Lucas Jones, and other characters.

How to Contact General Hospital, ABC, and the Soap Opera Magazines
Names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers of people and magazines to contact about General Hospital.

General Hospital - The Best of 2013
General Hospital's Best of 2013, including best couples, best storylines, and the legacy characters who returned.

General Hospital - The Worst of 2013
General Hospital - the worst of 2013, including the vampires, Pickle-Lila, Franco, Franco and Carly, and Sonny and Connie.

Fun and Games at Wyndemere - Fifty Years of General Hospital
A history of the deaths that have taken place at Wyndemere Mansion and on Spoon Island, both homes of the Cassadine family.

Sherilyn Wolter (Celia Quartermaine) - Where Is She Now?
Sherilyn Wolter, where is she now, and a biography of her character on General Hospital, Celia Quartermaine

Bill Eckert - General Hospital Legacy Character

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