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Luke & Laura & The Ice Princess - Fifty Years of General Hospital

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Luke & Laura & The Ice Princess - Fifty Years of General Hospital

Luke and Laura on the Ice Princess Adventure

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Scott Baldwin has fled to Mexico, and Laura is trying to find him so that the two can divorce. At this point, though, it all seems futile. Luke and Laura returned from their Love on the Run adventure, but now, back to ordinary life in Port Charles, they're no longer speaking. Laura is riddled with guilt because of falling in love with Luke while married to Scott Baldwin, but she still wants to be with Luke. The two are at an impasse. In an attempt to win Luke back, she's moved into his apartment building so she can run into him.

Working for Frank Smith, going on the run with Laura -- Luke Spencer will never be content with ordinary life again. He goes to work with Edward Quartermaine and Edward's beautiful niece Alexandria, both of whom are searching for the Ice Princess. The Ice Princess is the world's largest uncut diamond.

The Quartermaines are not the only people looking for the Ice Princess. Mikkos Cassadine, a Greek billionaire, wants it also. His ultimate goal is world domination.

Luke and Laura, meanwhile, reconcile and decide to marry. Around this time, Robert Scorpio, who works for the World Security Bureau, or WSB, tells Luke that the Ice Princess diamond is part of a statue. That statue also has a formula for a substance called "carbonic snow" which has the ability to freeze whole cities.

Alexandria worms her way into the Cassadine clan and works alongside Mikkos Cassadine's brothers Victor and Tony. Alexandria gets the diamond and delivers it on the Titan, the Cassadine yacht. Luke and Robert Scorpio hide on the yacht -- but so, they find out, has Laura. The yacht goes to the Cassadine's private island. There they learn that Mikkos Cassadine is going to use the carbonic snow as a bargaining chip, holding the world for ransom. To prove the power of the snow, he is going to use Port Charles as an example and turn it into a large popsicle. It's the middle of the summer, and suddenly, the city experiences a blizzard.

Alexandria and Tony are killed as they try to stop Mikkos. Luke hacks into Mikkos' machine and turns off the deep freeze. Mikkos Cassadine is also killed. Luke, Laura, and Robert Scorpio return to Port Charles as heroes.

That behind them, Luke and Laura start planning their wedding. However, Scott Baldwin's dad, Lee, burned Scott and Laura's divorce papers while drunk. Lee goes to Mexico in an attempt to locate Scott, but to no avail. Laura decides to get a Mexican divorce even though if Scott contests it, the divorce would not be valid.

Luke and Laura's much-anticipated wedding takes place on November 17, 1981. It's a huge event, attended by not only Port Charles residents and Robert Scorpio, but Luke and Laura's friends from Beecher's Corners. Bobbie, Luke's sister, and Laura, who were both in love with Scott Baldwin at the same time, make up, though Bobbie will never be Laura's number one fan. For Luke's sake, however, and knowing that the couple love one another, she lets go of her bitterness.

Bobbie has let go of the past, but Helena Cassadine, Mikkos Cassadine's widow, has not. She shows up at the wedding and places a curse on the couple, whom she blames for the loss of her husband.

Luke and Laura don't know about Helena's curse and besides, they have another problem: Scott Baldwin, who appears to catch Laura's bouquet. He then announces that there is no marriage as he is contesting the divorce. Luke and Scott get into a huge fight.

Scott ultimately is persuaded not to contest the divorce. After all, Laura is not returning to him no matter what.

The curse Helena puts on Luke and Laura is felt almost immediately. In 1982, Laura, while standing on a pier in Port Charles, disappears. A journalist named Jackie Templeton (Demi Moore) approaches Luke and tells him that her sister also disappeared in a similar situation. Her sister came back unharmed. Later, Luke is told that Laura has been killed, though he doesn't quite believe it. Is Laura really gone? And why? What happened to her?

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