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Sonny Corinthos

Mob Daddy


Sonny Corinthos

Dante and Sonny (Dominic Zamprogna, Maurice Benard)

Patrick Wymore

It seemed at one time that nearly everyone in Port Charles was related to Sonny Corinthos. With the departure of his dad, Mike Corbin, his half-brother, Ric Lansing, and his half-sister Courtney, this is no longer the case. One thing is true -- he has children all over the place. And I have a feeling he has some we haven't yet met.

The Children

When Sonny was in high school, he hooked up with Olivia Falconeri, who became pregnant, unknown to Sonny. She gave birth to Dante Falconeri, who grew up, became a police officer, slipped into Port Charles under an assumed name, went undercover with the mob, and eventually was revealed as Sonny's son. Actually, Sonny found that out right after he shot Dante in the chest. Sonny had an excuse. He'd just learned that Dante was a cop.

That was an early liaison. Years later, Sonny fell in love with Carly Benson, which would complicate anyone's life. Carly had gotten pregnant and married A.J., with the plan of having A.J. declared an unfit parent. Then she would divorce him, have custody of her child, and plenty of money. Her original thought was that she could be with Jason. But by the time she actually left A.J., Jason was involved with Elizabeth. Carly went to Sonny's to ask what he knew about Jason and Elizabeth. Sonny and Carly had sex.

Carly then found out that she was pregnant. Sonny went to the Quartermaines to pick up Carly. Sadly, she fell down the stairs and miscarried. Carly and Sonny, however, became a couple, marrying and remarrying over the years. Sonny helped Carly get her son away from A.J. and he adopted the boy, who became Michael Corinthos III (Michael is actually Sonny's first name). Carly gave birth to Sonny's son Morgan, right after Sonny shot Alcazar, who was helping her give birth. The bullet also hit Carly and put her in a coma. Talk about your itchy trigger finger.

In between marriages to Carly, Sonny also had a liaison with attorney Alexis Davis. She became pregnant and gave birth to their daughter Kristina. Later, Alexis gave birth to another daughter, Molly, whose father is Alexis' then-husband Ric Lansing, half-brother of Sonny. So Molly and Kristina are half-sisters and cousins.

More recently, Sonny reunited with the great love of his life, Brenda Barrett, and they finally married. It didn't work out. Now rumors persist that when Brenda left Sonny, she was pregnant with their child, and at some point, she's going to show up with him. She's smart to stay away, because if Sonny is anywhere near a gun...accidents can happen.

Sonny as a Father

Other than shooting Dante and nearly killing his wife while she gave birth to Morgan, Sonny's a good dad, sort of. After all, he did manage to get Kristina into Yale by "calling in" a few favors. I have a feeling you hear his voice on the phone and it's "yes, sir, anything you want, sir." As her mother feared, this did not go over well with Kristina when she found out.

Sonny wants a relationship with all of his children. He desperately wants to bond with Dante. Since Dante is a police officer, this sets up lots of conflicts of interest, so Dante has to walk a tightrope. They both try.

Sonny's lifestyle gets in the way, and so do the mothers of the children. Carly has from time to time attempted to keep Sonny away from his children. I guess she's worried, since a shooting at one of Sonny's warehouses put Michael in a coma for a year. I can see her point.

Carly wanted her new husband, Jax, to adopt Morgan and asked Sonny to relinquish his rights. In fact, she pulled the papers out of her purse right after she and Sonny had sex in a limo on the way home from visiting the comatose Michael. That whole adoption thing kind of fizzled out (I think). Morgan at the moment is in military school under an assumed name because his mother is worried about potential danger to him.

Alexis is another one who has asked at different times that Sonny stay away from Kristina. His relationship with Kristina - well, it's volatile. Part of the reason is because of a bomb set off in Johnny Zacchara's car while Kristina was standing in the parking garage. One can see how something like this would prey on her mother.

Right now, Kristina is actively hating Sonny because of The Yale Incident. She's quit Yale and now has her own reality show, Mob Princess. Typical of Kristina, she didn't understand the ramifications, and now she's trying to get out of it. She did it because she knew Sonny wouldn't like the idea. He doesn't.

Sonny has been up and down with Michael, too, although of all his children, Sonny is closest to him. Michael manages to have decent relationships with both his mother and father. He not only understands his father's lifestyle, he's tried to break into the business several times! This is the last thing Sonny wants for any of his children.

That's probably why the title Mob Princess is so upsetting to him.

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