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General Hospital Daily Recap for December 5, 2012

One Manuscript, Two Authors


Carly is at the MetroCourt, upset because Michael has been distancing himself from her since A.J. came back to town. Sonny admits he didn't help - Michael caught him holding Connie at a warehouse, which he refers to as "something illegal." Michael wanted to call the police.

Carly now is even more upset. Another win for A.J. He told Michael that Sonny kidnapped him, and now, look, here's proof. She confesses to Sonny that she feels so lost without Jason. Sonny puts his arms around her. He knows now kidnapping Connie was a bad idea. Carly needs him to help her with A.J. Sonny will, but he warns her, he's not through with Kate.

Michael drops by the Q mansion to see A.J. His father is waiting to hear from Diane about his potential imprisonment. Well, Michael says to him, you were sure right about Sonny. A.J. swears he wants his son's happiness and he hopes that Michael and Sonny can reconcile.

Diane arrives with news. It's not going to be easy to get out of the kidnapping charges. Diane thinks if they give the DA something in return, he'll back off. Perhaps a bigger criminal. A.J. suggests Faison. He was a patient at the Swiss clinic where A.J. was, and he and Faison shared a doctor. Diane likes the idea, especially after learning that A.J. has a photo of Faison on his phone.

At Kelly's, Molly is touched and thrilled when she sees the book cover T.J. has created for her on his computer. However, she's disappointed not to have heard from Todd Manning yet. T.J. doesn't have his printout of the book, and after a search of her computer, Molly realizes her book is gone.

Starr visits her father's office and accuses him of somehow engineering Tomas' disappearance. Todd denies it and explains, after a fashion, that it's Carly and Skye -- they think he's someone else.

Starr's real purpose is to talk about Molly's manuscript, but Todd hasn't read it yet. She wants him to read it immediately. When he looks for it, though, he can't find it. Suddenly, as Starr is helping her dad look for it, she finds a bracelet of Connie's. She realizes that Connie took the manuscript and leaves.

Connie sits at Johnny's editing Molly's manuscript. When Johnny comes homes, he comments that he should have changed the locks. She should have stayed gone. Connie threatens to tell everyone who killed Starr's boyfriend and child if he doesn't shut up.

Starr knocks on the door, and Connie opens it. Starr demands the manuscript back, and Connie acts like she doesn't know what Starr is talking about. She picks up her things and leaves, and of course, the manuscript is under her coat.

Starr looks at Johnny. "You've got thirty seconds," she says. "Starr is blackmailing me," he tells her. But he won't tell her she's got on him. Starr is frustrated. "I didn't want this life," Johnny assures her. "I didn't want this marriage." "You married a murderer," Starr says.

Connie goes to the MetroCourt and runs smack into Sonny. He apologizes for what happened with Joe Scully, and he wants to somehow make it up to her. Connie announces she's going on with her life; in fact, she's writing a novel, a romance novel, in fact. Sonny says well, if you were having a romance, you wouldn't have to write a book. Doesn't she miss being with a real man? He hands her his card.

Todd gets a visit from Carly a while after Starr has left. She thinks that she still loves Blair. Carly thinks she did the right thing when she didn't sleep with him. She wants to know who she is to him and Todd answers that she's his friend, the best friend he's ever had. Carly is really glad she never slept with him. Just then, T.J. and Molly arrive and ask for the manuscript. "Ask Connie," Todd says, as Connie has just entered the office.

Anna and Duke stare at Robert in complete shock. Robert announces that Duke is really Faison, and Anna has a fit. How can he even mention that man's name to her? He took them away from Robin when she really needed them.

Robert describes Olivia's vision. Olivia described the man she saw to Elizabeth and this is the result -- he shows her the sketch. Anna is surprised but points out that Elizabeth knew Faison and maybe she drew it from her subconscious. After all, she's not a professional sketch artist. Be that as it may, Robert says, Dante will verify that his mother's visions have proven correct.

Robert then produces the plastic bag with the leftover cigarillo in it and says that Olivia mentioned that the man smoked them. "You said you were smoking cigarettes," Anna says. "So?" asks Duke. "That's not a cigarette," she says. Anna, however, won't go so far as to believe Robert. He begs her to support him. Instead, she calls PCPD and has him arrested. As Robert is taken away, Duke holds her as she stares at the sketch.

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