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General Hospital Daily Recap for November 16, 2012

I See Mean People


Robert and Lulu talk at the Haunted Star; like Luke, Robert thinks that Lavery is hiding something. Lulu tells him about the vision Olivia had. Robert wonders how accurate she has been -- pretty accurate, it turns out. Robert intends to give her a call.

Over at GH, Sabrina waxes poetic about the glories of Patrick Drake as Patrick listens in. Elizabeth attempts to silence her but Sabrina is on a roll. Patrick doesn't realize that Sabrina is talking about him. He offers to get her together with this person. Sabrina has no choice but to say it's Steve Webber, a crush at first sight. She discourages either Elizabeth or Patrick as far as pursuing it. Patrick sees Sabrina later on and tells her that she will meet just the right person.

Steve is hearing about Olivia's vision at that precise moment, elsewhere at GH. Lulu and Robert enter and Robert wants Olivia to describe what she saw.

They move into another room. Well, she begins, Lavery was smoking a cigarillo. To her he resembled Hannibal Lector but thinner, and his eyebrows were bushy. Elizabeth sketches a photo and then realizes she has just sketched Faison.

And here is the man himself in his room -- maskless as he eagerly gets ready for Anna's arrival. Anna shows up early so he has to keep her waiting as it's Latex Time. He opens the door to her and she informs him that Robert is in Port Charles. Luke, she continues, is in Turkey and after telling Robert his suspicions, Robert now thinks Duke is lying.

Disgusted by their chicanery, Anna says she's moving out of Luke's suite. She begins preparing dinner. Meanwhile, Faison hides the cigarillos. When they finally have dinner, Duke says he is so glad they are together. They toast the future. They kiss. I would imagine the latex leaves a funny taste on Anna's lips, but then again, he can't have latex on his lips or how would he breathe?

At her place, Maxie declares herself to Spinelli. It's love. This time it's for sure. She means it. Maxie states that she wanted to tell him after the bachelor party and then at the Kate and Sonny aborted nuptials that take place every so often, but she could never find the right time. And, she admits, she likes Ellie.

Now she's divorced. She knows Spinelli wants her back by the way he looks at her. She saw him necking with Ellie, so she left. Then she called his cell phone but there was no answer. She knows he had sex with Ellie, but she must express her feelings for him. It's love. With a capital L.

At the Q mansion, Monica and Tracy again have on the boxing gloves -- this time it has to do with A.J. staying at the mansion. A.J. enters and he's on house arrest. He wants to see his grandfather. Tracy says no way, the poor man could have a coronary. A.J. doesn't push it.

Tracy goes upstairs to check on Edward, and A.J. asks how Monica made the bail. Monica admits she put the house up as collateral. Tracy overhears that bit of news and goes looking for Michael.

When Tracy returns to the house, she asks Monica to have a look at Edward as he doesn't look good. The phone rings; Tracy picks up. She tells A.J. that it was Sam, and Michael has an emergency. Panicked, A.J. severs his ankle monitor and runs out. Tracy laughs. Monica comes back into the room and asks where A.J. is as Tracy manuevers his ankle bracelet under the sofa.

Michael looks good, in the pink of health as he calls on Sam at the penthouse. A.J. is alive, he says, but in jail. Sam is glad to hear it. Michael really doesn't want his father in prison. His own experiences have left their mark. Sam's comment is that he needs to look at what A.J. has done.

Later on, Michael looks at baby Danny and remarks that he looks like Jason. That's because, Sam tells him, he is Jason's! Michael tells the baby that his own father returned when he didn't expect it, and that his dad will too.

When A.J. arrives, worried about Michael, he finds out that Aunt Tracy set him up.

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