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General Hospital Daily Recap for November 5, 2012

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost


Johnny is so angry with Todd that he gets his gun and intends to go after him, but Connie manages to stop him. He has other options. Johnny ignores her as usual.

Connie points out that his whole sad story -- the sister being his mother and all that -- doesn't hold up to her own problems. She tells him the story of her rape. Both of them agree that they need to be nicer to one another. As a friendly gesture, Connie makes him a peanut butter and tomato sandwich on white bread. Once he finally decides he's hungry enough to eat it, he remarks that it's quite good.

AJ faces Carly on the docks and yells "boo", scaring the hell out of her. In fact, she falls and is knocked out. AJ weighs throwing her in the river, and then tells himself that he's resolved to change.

Later, Sonny finds her, and Carly insists to him that AJ is alive. Sonny assures her that he's not. She wants to go and find him.

At the Quartermaine estate, Monica is concerned that AJ is out somewhere trying to connect with Michael. She shares her fears with Alice, and Alice thinks Monica may not be worried enough. Supposing Michael tells Sonny?

Tracy and Luke enter the mansion discussing Duke. Alice and Monica hightail it out the back, but Tracy and Luke spot them so they say they're en route to the drugstore. Tracy isn't fooled. Alice orders them to remove their costumes before sitting on the furniture, so they leave. Monica now wonders if they know about AJ. Monica wants to wait up for AJ.

Monica wishes she could talk to Alan when voila, Alan is there. He's really aging up there in heaven, too. She is sorry she never told him that AJ was alive. Alan promises her that she can handle him being back. She remembers a big fight they had years and years ago, a fight that ended in a passionate kiss. When she shakes herself out of her reverie, Alan is no longer there.

Tracy and Luke are removing their costumes as they talk. Tracy knows that something is happening with Monica, and she wants to know what it is. Is she going nuts after losing Jason? Actually, she says, the guy in the Grim Reaper costum reminded her of AJ. He was impolite and aggravating just like AJ was.

Luke is really only half paying attention. He is focused on Duke. And if there was ever a rotten cover story, Duke has one. He announces that he is going to Turkey to investigate Duke. He kisses Tracy and leaves. Tracy just stands there, ruminating about how her life is a mess - Joe Jr. is gone, her son isn't speaking to her -- she breaks down. Her brother Alan places his hand on her shoulder. She turns around, but there's no one there.

Michael is at Starr's talking about AJ. He swears that AJ was smothered -- he saw it! He tells Starr the whole story of AJ's dying and how Monica helped him. Michael is clearly confused. AJ told him some odd stories about Carly and Sonny, and he begged Michael not to tell anyone he is alive.

Michael admits that he's not sure he can just forget everything AJ did to him. he might turn him in. AJ, he says, should not be free to run around town. He phones Dante, but finds he can't do it. He tells Dante he wants to thank Lulu for the party. He hangs up and looks at Starr. The making love mood is gone. This calls for ice cream.

At the Star, Duke cleans up the bar while Anna watches. She mentions Luke, stating that she needs to have Luke understand that this pressure on her isn't helping anything. Duke understands it -- Luke wants to protect her from him. The two tango, and Anna remembers back to their younger days. They kiss, but Anna backs away. Duke asks her to come home with him. Too soon, she tells him. Duke isn't upset. After all, he tells her, "We have the rest of our lives."

AJ goes to the Quartermaine crypt and sees his name. He talks to his father. How he wishes that his dad could have been proud of him. Alan's ghost appears and tells AJ how much he loves him. "I never deserved your love," AJ says. But he promises to honor his memory and someday, Alan will be proud of him. Alan warns him that the hardest thing is going to be getting Michael to trust him.

Carly and Sonny approach the crypt. Sonny asks if Carly wants Max and Milo to open it for her. Carly admits she must be seeing things. Sonny declares that AJ will never get Michael again.

AJ goes back to the Q mansion and a relieved Monica. Alan is watching as he tells his mother he's not going anywhere.

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