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General Hospital Daily Recap for November 9, 2012

Who Was That Masked Man?


At the Falconeri loft, Ms. Ogawa tells Lulu and Dante that she was aware their application was a lie. She knows all about Sonny and Luke, and wondered, with all these lies, if Lulu's claims about Laura are lies. Lulu admits that her mother has psychomotor dissociation and isn't a psychiatrist. Lulu also says she lied because she was afraid the application would be rejected. Ms. Ogawa states that if she hadn't lied, it would have gone much better for them because they want adoptees with integrity.

Dante rises to Lulu's defense, but Ms. Ogawa tells him it's not in her control now. The application is now in a national database, so other agencies would know it was false. She leaves.

Lulu apologizes to Dante for ruining their chances. Dante isn't upset, and he thinks there might be another way for them to have a child.

At court, Sonny is shocked when Diane tells the judge that Kate is the alter personality. She shows Connie's birth certificate as proof that the host personality is Connie. Alexis tells the judge no one denies the birth name, but it was changed, and Kate had built her career in fashion as Kate Howard. The alter personality took Kate's name.

Diane counters that DID is the result of trauma, which in Connie's case was rape and the pregnancy from it. Alexis explains to the judge that medical records dispute what Diane claims. The judge wants to hear from the doctor. Alas, he's dead, since it was Dr. Keenan. Diane tells the judge that Keenan was involved in the poisoning of the Port Charles water supply. Alexis shoots back that Keenan treated Connie even after Connie attacked him. Yes, Diane says, but he completed his report when he had a head trauma!

Sonny suggests another doctor. Diane has one, Dr. Nicholas Maybrick. Alexis tells Sonny he's a for-hire psychiatrist who will say anything his client wants.

No surprise, Maybrick says Kate is the alter, created by Connie after the trauma. Connie says that she wanted to keep her child and it was Kate who abandoned him. Trey says Connie is lying. She told him that she wanted an abortion. Alexis discredits Dr. Maybrick, who is forced to admit he had never examined or treated Connie.

Alexis says that homicide charges were dropped against Kate because Connie had actually pulled the trigger which resulted in the deaths of Cole and Hope. Connie stands up and says she's never fired a gun.

Not so, says Sonny. Connie confessed the shooting to him. Connie and Sonny start fighting; the judge orders everyone to sit as he is ready to render his decision. There is no evidence that Connie is a danger to herself or others. Trey's petition is denied.

Everyone drifts out of the courtroom, and Alexis turns to Diane. Kate is their friend and she needs help. Diane argues that everyone is entitled to the best defense. She just did a better job.

Back at the Q mansion, Carly insists upon knowing A.J.'s whereabouts. Monica plays dumb, saying that A.J. is deceased. When Carly won't shut up, Monica loses her temper - she's mourning Jason, how could Carly come into her home like this? Carly ignores the reprimand and again wants to know where A.J. is. Monica says it is a hateful question, why is Carly even talking about A.J.?

Carly states that she saw A.J. on the pier on Halloween. Monica says she's mistaken. Carly says that Michael thinks A.J. is alive as well, and he was asking questions. Monica is sure Carly lied to Michael. Carly points out that Michael knew about drugging A.J. - why would anyone tell Michael about something that happened before he was born? It had to have been A.J.

Monica admits that she told Michael that. After all, he had a right to know. In fact, she wishes she had told him sooner so that he wouldn't have hated A.J. and would have known his mother was a "conniving bitch." Monica isn't done. "You slithered your way into Jason's life and persuaded him to lie about his own brother."

Carly shoots back, "Jason respected me as Michael's mother. He did everything to keep Michael away from your miserable family. If Jason had been around, you would never have said anything to Michael. Do you intend to rewrite history and make A.J. a victim, even though he shot your husband and smashed Jason's head into a tree?"

Monica replies, "And that worked out so very well for you didn't it, because you pitted Jason against his own brother," "A.J. was a selfish screw-up who turned into a psychopath and kidnapped children," Carly hisses, "You and Sonny drove him to it," Monica yells. Carly yells back, "I don't regret anything I did to A.J. The only good thing A.J. ever did was father Michael." The two continue fighting until Carly demands to search the house. Disgusted, Monica lets her.

A.J. and Alice are at the boathouse, where they have brought the unconscious Tracy. There's a knock at the door, but it turns out it's Michael. A.J. goes outside to talk with him. Michael says he saw A.J. and Alice carrying something, so he followed them. A.J. says that he and Alice were bringing a canoe to put inside.

Michael is surprised because A.J. purportedly hadn't wanted anyone to know he was alive. "Alice is like family, and I trust her" he answers. Michael admits he told Starr about A.J., which upsets A.J., but Michael promises that Starr won't tell anyone. Then he drops the real bomb: he "kind of" told Carly too. Hah! A.J. only thought he had legal problems -- now he'll really have them.

A.J. is apoplectic. Michael says that he wanted to verify what A.J. told him, as A.J. had wanted him to. A.J., though, is upset. He wanted more time to explain things to Michael. He figures Carly lied. No, says Michael, she admitted what she'd done. She had really wanted to keep him. A.J. wants Michael to know he's not the monster he was raised to believe he is. Just then, there's a noise in the boathouse.

Inside, Alice bound and gagged Tracy, saying she can't allow Tracy to betray A.J. Angrily, Tracy knocks Alice off balance, which makes noise. Alice walks outside and tells A.J. and Michael all is well and suggests they go up to the house while she gets rid of a rat. They've just left when Monica shows up looking for A.J.

Michael and A.J. walk into the Q mansion as Carly is leaving. She freezes. "A.J." is all she can get out.

Mac Scorpio stops into PCPD to visit with Anna, who is happy to see him. Seeing the papers on her desk, Mac smiles and says he likes working at the Rib better. Anna jokes that skilled men today seem to like being bartenders. "You mean Duke," he says.

Anna tells Mac that Duke is in Washington for another deprogramming, and then asks him if he ever felt like something was staring him in the face but he just couldn't see it? Mac knows she's speaking of Duke again. Anna realizes Mac doubts Duke as well. Mac says he didn't really know Duke; did someone question his return? Well, Anna says, "Luke thinks he's an imposter. Of course, he has an agenda." She tells Mac that Duke's fingerprints checked out.

Mac asks how she feels about Duke. For her, she says, it's like time has stood still. Mac asks how she feels about both men. She tells him her relationship with Luke had hit a sour note before Duke's appearance. She's confused right now. She relates to him that on Robin's eighth birthday, her wish was that she and Duke would reconcile. She feels like if that happens, Robin will rest in peace. Mac has to run along, but gives her a gift for Emma, the story The Little Prince. It was Robin's favorite as a child.

Poor Robin - she's not having fun. Dr. Obrecht straps her to the bed as Robin begs to go home. Duke is in the hallway, livid that Robin had gotten to a phone. Dr. O reassures him, stating that Patrick believed Emma was playing. Duke says it changes his plans for Robin. It has made a wreck of his timetable.

In the hospital room, Robin fights her bonds, determined to get out of the hospital. Please, Patrick, listen to Emma, she prays aloud. Suddenly, the door opens and a man is pushed inside the room. Duke! Robin is shocked. "Robin?" he asks, equally shocked. Duke's hands are bound.

Robin is stunned that Duke is alive. He gives her the same story of his Turkish years. How long has she been here? Robin doesn't know, but she's a prisoner. She doesn't remember much after the explosion. She woke up in a hospital and was given electroshock.

Duke says he was in Port Charles, and everyone said that Robin was dead. Robin is thrilled to see Duke -- if anyone can get her out of this, it's Duke. But how did he end up in the clinic? she wonders.

Duke claims that while he was in Washington being debriefed, he heard rumors that Robin was being held here. Did you tell my mother? she asks him. Duke shakes his head no, he didn't want to get her hopes up.

Robin then asks how they're going to out of the place. Duke suggests that he overpower whomever comes into the room next and steal their key card and maybe car keys. Robin smiles -- Duke is still like the prince in her favorite story. Does he remember that?

Of course, Duke says as he tries to get out of his restraints. Robin blissfully talks about reading the book to her mother and comparing the prince to Duke. Does he remember what she told her mother about him? Duke replies, "Your tall, dark, handsome swain." Robin, who looked so happy, suddenly doesn't. Her prince was young and blond with blue eyes, which is why comparing him to Duke was amusing. Except she's not laughing now.

Duke apologizes and says his memory isn't what it was. Robin goes on and talks about the first meal they made together, spaghetti and meatballs. Duke smiles. He remembers that. Robin says he's lying -- they made pizza.

Duke says that he was tortured and his memory as a result is not good. Robin knows what it's like to be tortured and hold on important moments. "The real Duke," she says, "wouldn't have forgotten. Who are you?"

"Child, you were always too smart for your own good," the man says.

He pulls off his mask.

"Oh my God," Robin cries.

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