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Anna and Duke

Love Has Many Faces


Anna and Duke

Anna Devane and Duke Lavery (Finola Hughes, Ian Buchanan)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Nothing is ever easy when you're dealing with soap opera love, but Let's face it, Anna Devane and Ian lavery (Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan) had a worse time than many. Like Sonny Corinthos, Duke was married to the mob. Unlike Sonny, Duke wanted to get out of it. He agreed to testify against the powerful Jerome and Carter families. Duke worried about the danger that this will bring to Anna and his stepdaughter Robin. Anna promised that no matter what, she would stay with Duke and, if necessary, leave Robin with her father, Robert Scorpio. Robin, however, insisted on staying with Anna and Duke.


After the trial, Duke and the agents guarding him walked into an ambush, and the warehouse where they were to wait for Anna and Robin exploded. Actually, the agents anticipated this, and now that Robin and Anna believed Duke to be dead, they wanted him to continue with the charade. Anna never accepted Duke's death.

Anna Devane Meets Jonathan Paget

Eventually, Duke had not only plastic surgery but vocal surgery and returned to Port Charles as art dealer Jonathan Paget (played by actor Greg Beecroft). When Anna learned the truth, the couple reunited, but Duke was brought down by an enemy who learned Paget's true identity. Duke died in Anna's arms. She and Robert scattered his ashes in Scotland.

That wasn't the end of the story. Years later, Robin was kidnapped and believed dead. Actually, she has been in a clinic in Switzerland. Robin's fake death and kidnapping seem to have been arranged and manipulated by...Duke Lavery! So Jonathan Paget, it appears, was Jonathan Paget and not Duke.

We don't know Duke's reasons for kidnapping Robin and letting Anna and the rest of Robin's family believe her to be dead. He returned to Port Charles and revealed himself to Anna, and she believes his story of being in a Turkish prison. If Anna is happy to see him, why does he need to make himself the hero by "rescuing" Robin?

Stay tuned, because we don't know. We don't even know if we're dealing with Duke Lavery or an imposter.

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