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Ned and Lois

A Double Life


Ned and Lois

Ned and Lois (Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer)

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Ned Ashton, Tracy Quartermaine's son, was an aspiring rock singer when he met the beautiful but tough manager of the band The Idle Rich, Lois Cerullo. Ned said his name was Eddie Maine, and Lois had him get up on stage and sing, thus launching his career.

Ned began to lead not only a double career life but a double love life. He wound up married to both Katherine Bell and Lois, whom he really loved. Lois found out about Katherine, emerging from a cake to dump him. Ned divorced Katherine and eventually, Lois came back to him. By the time she got pregnant and was several months along, Lois realized she didn't want her child anywhere near the Quartermaines.

Despite Ned's attempts at focusing on Lois and his singing career, Edward wanted Ned at ELQ, and Ned was torn. When he had to take over ELQ to keep Tracy and Jax from getting control of the company, Lois left him and went home to Brooklyn with their daughter Brook. She would come back when Brook was a beautiful teen with a gorgeous voice. Lois, Ned, and Brook all returned to New York together to work in the music business. Word is we may see Ned again in 2009. Lois? Maybe, but it won't be Rena Sofer (who married and divorced Wally Kurth in real life) or her replacement, Lesli Kay. Maybe Ned will visit the family by himself.

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