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Anna and Robert

The Spy Who Loved Me


Anna and Robert

Robert and Anna (Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
World Security Bureau Agents Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane fell in love and produced a daughter, Robin. That all happened before the appearance of either one of them on General Hospital. When Robert first appeared, he became involved with - and married - the beautiful English woman, Holly Sutton. Robert didn't find out about Robin until she was six years old. After Holly's presumed death and his relationships with Tiffany's sister Cheryl and a pianist, Katherine Delafield, he remarried Anna. Today, they're grandparents.

Though they've gone their separate ways again, their daughter, granddaughter, and the history they share keeps them connected. And that history the WSB letting the world believe they were dead!

Robert almost died for real in 2008. During his recent bout with cancer, Anna was at his side. She may still be - word is that Robert is in Switzerland for more treatment; Anna may be with him! Who knows? No telling about love.

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