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Sean and Tiffany

A Rose By Any Other Name


Sean and Tiffany

Sean and Tiffany (John Reilly, Sharon Wyatt)

Jane Harwood/Screencaps

Tiffany Hill (Sharon Wyatt) was a beautiful B-movie actress whom Luke and Laura met in Greece when they were going after the Cassadines. She and Laura became great friends, and Tiffany soon found herself in Port Charles - and in the arms of Patrick Drake's father, Noah.

That affair was followed by a hot and heavy one with Alan Quartermaine. When Alan was "murdered," she met Sean Donnelly (John Reilly), who had been sleeping with Monica and now was the prime suspect in Alan's murder.

Alan returned from the dead, and Tiffany and Sean fell in love. Their wedding in 1988 is a big moment in the annals of General Hospital. It was during the wedding that Sean learned that his bride's real name was Elsie Mae Crumholz. Sean married her anyway.

The custody battle over Lucas Jones, the child of Tiffany's late sister, who was living with Bobbie and Tony Jones, was the beginning of some very, very hard times for the couple: an affair, a miscarriage, a murder, and a suicide attempt. Gradually they found one another again, and when they left town, Tiffany was pregnant. The couple returned to visit their sick friend Robert Scorpio on Night Shift in 2008. Tiffany and Sean - they sure made old Port Charles lively.

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