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Maxie and Spinelli

The Geek and the Chic


Maxie and Spinelli

Spinelli and Maxie (Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms)

ABC/Adam Larkey

Spinelli: A computer genius who talks like a nut.

Maxie Jones: A shallow beauty with an eye for fashion and hot men.

Result: True love, if only Maxie Jones would realize that Spinelli is the man for her.

Damien Spinelli, Man of Many Crushes; Maxie Jones, Troublemaker

Damien Spinelli, Jason Morgan's computer expert, has managed to hack into one of the toughest entities there is: Maxie Jones, slut, drug supplier, husband stealer, thief, and heart transplant recipient. Since the murder of her beloved sister Georgie, Maxie has managed to re-invent herself, with a little help from a friend named Spinelli. Today she has the goal of a career in fashion and works at Crimson Magazine for formidable fashionista Kate Howard. Maxie has developed a strong and important friendship with Spinelli, who was in love with Georgie.

Friendship Blossoms Into Love for Spinelli, and Maxie Sees the Light

Spinelli is in love with his petite, blue-eyed goddess, and while Maxie couldn't admit it, her feelings for him go beyond friendship. When Spinelli met fellow computer nerd Winifred, Maxie saw green.

Threats to Spinelli and Maxie

Though Maxie and Spinelli are an odd couple, fans seem to love them together. There were rumblings that Maxie would become involved with either Johnny Zacchara or Matt Hunter, but that didn't happen. Then, it was rumored that Spinelli and Winifred were a couple-to-be. No. Spinelli proposed, and though Maxie didn't want to get married, she couldn't bear to hurt Spinelli, so she accepted. When he found out, the couple had an "un-wedding." All was fine until Maxie was seduced by crazy artist Franco. After lots of on-again, off-again, Spinelli finally broke it off with Maxie for good.

Maxie seems to want Spinelli when it looks like he might be interested in someone else -- and that someone else is Ellie Trout, a lab technician at General Hospital. She and Spinelli fell in love. Maxie, meanwhile, agreed to act as surrogate for Lulu and Dante. This resulted in a difficult conversation for Spinelli, when he learned that Ellie does not want children.

Maxie miscarried, and in her depression, she and Spinelli made love. When she went to Dr Westbourne hoping to be reimplanted so that she could fulfill her surrogacy for Dante and Lulu, she was told she was already pregnant. Unwisely, Maxie decided to tell no one and pretend the baby was Dante's and Lulu's.

As the pregnancy continued, Maxie found herself bonding more and more with the baby she was carrying. By the time she gave birth, Lulu and Dante were uncomfortable with her being around the baby, which they named Connie, because she seemed confused. She seemed to think the baby was actually hers.

Maxie finally told Spinelli the truth. He was incensed. He was even more incensed when he found out that Ellie had known all along. However, they both agreed to say nothing to Dante and Lulu, who were so thrilled to have Connie.

The day of the christening, Brad, the head of the lab, told the family and friends gathered the truth. Maxie and Spinelli denied it, but eventually, had to admit that indeed, Connie is their baby.

A custody battle will now rage, with two couples, once good friends, on opposite sides.

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