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Steve and Audrey

The Originals


Steve and Audrey

Steve and Audrey (John Beradino, Rachel Ames)

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Before the term "supercouple" was coined and took on the meaning it has today, General Hospital had Steve Hardy (Elizabeth Webber's grandfather) and a flight attendant named Audrey March, whose sister Lucille was a nurse at GH. These parts were played by original cast members John Beradino and Rachel Ames.

Boy, did Steve and Audrey start things off with lots of drama. They married for the first time in 1965, later divorcing. Audrey went to Vietnam to work with orphans. When she returned in 1969, she married Tom Baldwin (Scott Baldwin's uncle), had a secret child, heard Tom died in Mexico, married the doctor who did heart surgery on Tommy, and divorced that doctor when he became a hopeless alcoholic. In 1976, she and Steve married again, remarrying in 1977 when Tom Baldwin reappeared alive. Don't they always?

Steve and Audrey made it through Steve's paralysis, Lassa fever, the news that Steve was Jeff Webber's father, and Audrey's bad beating by Ryan Chamberlin, who thought she was his abusive mother. John Beradino, along with Steve Hardy, died in 1996, after 33 years on the show. Alone now, the still beautiful Audrey has devoted herself to her granddaughter Elizabeth, and has wonderful memories of her long relationship. We haven't seen much of her, and word is that actress Ames has now retired.

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