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More 'General Hospital' Sweeps

Lives in Peril and at a Crossroads


More 'General Hospital' Sweeps

More Complications for Jax and Carly (Ingo Rademacher and Laura Wright)

ABC/Adam Larkey
As November sweeps draw near, more information has become available from the spoiler/spumor/rumor mill, too much to include in the column "Hot General Hospital News."

Carly rescues Sonny from his watery near-grave and takes him to her house. There, she calls a mob doctor. However, Jax drops by, and Carly is forced to hide Sonny and get rid of Jax - quickly! Sonny remembers Carly's birthday, and the two share some memories - and nearly get a little too close. Little do they know, Jax is spying on them. There's not going to be a second chance for her with Jax either. Realizing that Sonny has spoiled a possible reconciliation with Jax, Carly gives her ex-husband hell. As for Jax, he may find solace in the arms of Kate!

After the explosion, Sam tells Jason about her undercover work and what she's learned about Jerry and Karpov. Elizabeth sees the two of them together, which may have her wondering. Later, she demands to know what's ahead for her and Jason.

While speaking with Jason on the phone, Sam is kidnapped by Jerry. He drugs her and puts her on a freighter. Jason realizes after visiting Sam's that she's in trouble. He and Spinelli go to work trying to find her. Meanwhile, Jerry has some diabolical plans for Sam.

Luke and Laura discuss the future after having it out about Luke's marriage to Tracy. Laura has plenty to say to Tracy, too. Laura and Scott end up in a car balanced precariously on the tip of a cliff. Scott is rescued, but Luke and Laura go over the cliff while in the car. In other Spencer news, Lulu and Johnny will get back together and there are rumors that ultimately, Lucky and Sam become engaged.

Robin and Patrick give their baby girl a name - rumor is that it's Emma. Surprisingly, Matt comes through for his newfound brother as Patrick worries about Robin.

More news about Dante - he will appear some time afte Thanksgiving. Sonny will be upset with Kate for never telling him about his son. Sonny probably finds out from Claudia, who overhears Olivia and Kate talking.

Karpov now sees Jerry as an enemy - as to who kills whom, it's up for grabs at the moment. Karpov could kill Jerry, or Jerry could be caught in one of the explosions he set. OR Jason shoots Karpov. In typical soap opera fashion, however, Jerry is only presumed dead.

We've been promised some innovative for sweeps, and it may be more than the futurama sequence written about on this site. According to Bob Guza, there is going to be a totally new special effect. OOO - can't wait to see what it is!

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