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General Hospital Daily Recap for July 15, 2010

Advice to the Lovelorn


Maxie Wants To Confide in Jason; Spinelli Has Made a Decision

Jason and Sam eat breakfast together, happy to have spent the night together. Jason knows he has to return to Pentonville as soon as Franco is caught. Sam wants him to run, and she'll go with him, but Jason insists that if they do that, neither one of them will ever be truly free. Maxie knocks on the door after Sam goes to work. Spinelli isn't home, but it turns out that Maxie wants to speak with Jason. Jason doesn't want to do this, but reluctantly, he listens. Maxie claims that she loves Spinelli but seems to crave more excitement than he can offer. She's in a quandary. Spinelli arrives and is surprised to see her. Maxie informs Spinelli that Matt has invited her to go to New York. She won't go if it will upset him. Spinelli comments that it's up to her. Maxie realizes that Spinelli is finished with the relationship and takes off.

Spinelli announces to Jason that he's ready to get down to work. But they can't work because Carly shows up. She needs advice. Spinelli encourages her to talk to him. Carly pours out her heart about Jax. Spinelli advises Carly to go to Jax if she's ready for a reconciliation. Everyone in Port Charles is after Jason today, because after that, it's Dante. The three men go through the clues Franco has left so far in order.

Dante is On Edge; Lulu Will Be

Dante awakens to a noise in the kitchen. He pulls his gun, but it's Michael, trying to get a glass of water. Dante apologizes. He's nervous because of Franco. In fact, he won't even let Lulu go to Crimson alone. She finally sends him home once she's at the office - after all, Maxie is there, and the MetroCourt is loaded with security. Dante leaves to find Jason and continue their Franco work. When she's unsympathetic to Maxie, Maxie gets into a huff and decides to visit Robin. Suddenly, Lulu realizes she's alone. She continues to work, but when she hears a noise, it's Franco, wearing workman's clothes. He smiles and says "It's been too long."

Elizabeth Has Contractions

Elizabeth and her sons are at Wyndemere. The boys are playing with Spencer and are going to the stables, but Elizabeth declines. She tells Nikolas that she's not feeling that great and needs to rest. Then she starts having contractions and announces that they have to get to GH - quick! Everyone heads for the hospital, where the boys are put in daycare. Nikolas sits with Elizabeth in her room. She's excited, but it seems like everyone around her is a wreck. Steve asks if he should call Lucky; Elizabeth answers that he really doesn't belong there. Little does she know...When Robin puts Elizabeth's ID bracelet on, the number 66 is clear. Oh-oh.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much; Skye Receives a Gift from Jax

Lucky summons Sonny to PCPD, and while he's there, Claire enters. Sonny waves to her, a big smile on his face. This is her cue to again berate him for The Kiss. Lucky enters at the tail end of the conversation and asks Sonny again about the bomb. He's pretty sure Sonny is behind the attack against Johnny. Sonny thinks Lucky should remove himself from the case - after all, they go back too far. He gets nothing from Sonny, who leaves. Lucky then turns his attention to Claire. Claire swears that her plan is working. She's not interested in Sonny. Lucky is afraid that the road will end with Claire getting evidence against Sonny and then protecting him. Isn't that the way it ALWAYS ends? Claire seems sure of herself. Maybe a little too sure.

Jax presents Skye with a gorgeous bracelet as thanks for helping him with Carly. Maya can't help observing that Skye feels more than friendship for her ex-husband. Skye admits that it's true. Everyone, including Skye, meet at the MetroCourt for the sail. Jax has Josslyn, and Skye takes the opportunity to hold her. When Carly arrives, she takes the baby, and all of them leave. Let's hope they all make it back. Sonny stands in the distance, watching. Claire tells him that she realizes that must have hurt him a great deal, to watch his family with someone else and not even speak with them.

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