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Keep Your Mouth Shut: 'General Hospital' Recap for March 9, 2009


Jason walks into the penthouse to find some disturbing things. The first thing is that Maxie is there. The second thing is that she read the note Spinelli left him. The third thing is that she's bringing his luggage downstairs and insisting that he leave that instant to find Spinelli. She can't believe it when Jason says that it was Spinelli's decision to leave and he has to respect that. Maxie angrily demands that both of them protect Spinelli. But Jason says no. Jason learns from Sam that Jason went to Los Angeles, and she is going out there herself.

Jason also is visited by Carly, who tells him about the experimental procedure that could help Michael. Jason can only advise that she listen to her gut feeling.

Having learned from Sam that Spinelli went to LA, a desperate Maxie uses the Crimson office as People Finders, Inc. as she makes tons of calls looking for "Hudson Rorschach," a favorite superhero of Spinelli's. Lulu helps. Maxie gets an affirmative from Ralph, the coffee shop owner Spinelli wants to help. Maxie asks him to keep Spinelli there, and she takes off.

Winifred loves the fact that Spinelli is helping Ralph and even wants a kiss, but Spinelli doesn't catch on. Then Spinelli notices a beautiful woman who says she needs his help. Her husband froze her assets, and is there anything he can do? Winifred isn't buying it, but Spinelli is, since this way, he can again use his talent as he did for Ralph - to do good. He accompanies her, but ends up drugged.

Sonny wants to know why Claudia says Michael is fine - how does she know? She covers and says that she was just repeating Sonny's impression that Michael looked healthy. Sonny talks about the procedure and how he's not sure it will work and how all he dreams of is finding out if Ian Devlin was the only perpetrator and, if not, killing the person who put out the contract that resulted in Michael's shooting. Boy, Claudia must be squirming. She says that she doesn't think Michael would want him to feel that way. Good try, Claudia.

Kate happens by Graystone for her daily afternoon threats to Claudia. Sonny walks in and, having heard his son's name, asks why they're talking about Michael.

Then again, maybe Sonny's too busy thinking about Michael. He even goes to Luke to get some advice. Nice to see that these guys remembered they are friends.

Robin attempts to shut Lulu up as Patrick walks in. She's repeating what Ethan told her about the woman at The Haunted Star - Robin - who said she had no children. Lulu leaves after Robin extracts a promise from her to keep her mouth shut about the whole Ethan/wallet incident. Patrick asks some questions, but basically they're both not over their earlier fight. Robin thinks if she returns to work, she'll feel better. Yeah, that's what she said about the new house.

Nikolas walks into The Haunted Star, everyone's favorite afternoon haunt, and hears Luke telling Rebecca to get away from Nikolas and anything having to do withEmily. Rebecca doesn't seem inclined to do that for all her moaning. Nikolas asks her what's up. Rebecca claims that she wants to help, but Nikolas says he now realizes that Emily is gone. He goes to Alexis to ask that she help him retain Spoon Island and get it away from Jax. Of course, Alexis isn't too excited since she's so fond of Jax.

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