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General Hospital Daily Recap for November 12, 2012

Sex, Lies, and Arrest


Carly sees A.J. with Michael at the Quartermaines and asks A.J. why he isn't dead. Can you imagine? She adds that the police will want to know and begins calling them. Monica races in, and Michael pleads with her not to call PCPD.

Michael's attitude comes as a shock to Carly. She practically spits out that A.J. kidnapped Michael, photographed him lying in a swamp so everyone would believe he was dead. Michael says he just wants her to wait -- he wants some answers about his biological father.

Carly is deeply moved by Michael's plea - moved to call Dante and inform him that A.J. Quartermaine is alive. Monica blows her top and slaps Carly in the face. She urges A.J. to run, but he doesn't. He states that he will go to prison if he can visit with Michael every so often.

At Dante and Lulu's place, Dante suggests that they try surrogacy in order to have a child. Doesn't go over that well with Lulu. The experience of childbirth will be someone else's. Dante emphasizes the fact that the child will be theirs to raise.

After Dante hears from Carly, he takes off, and Lulu promises she will give the matter some thought. She starts to research surrogacy right away.

Dante, evidently the only cop in Port Charles, appears at the mansion. Michael is very upset and begs Dante not to arrest A.J. Again, Michael's pleas are ignored. A waste of energy. A.J. is arrested and taken away. Michael turns on Carly -- after what he went through in prison, he wouldn't wish it on anyone, especially his dad.

Sam goes to see Anna at PCPD, wanting to know what is happening with Jason's case. Anna says that hair was left at the scene, and she's sent it in for analysis. Both of them wonder if the hair could belong to Jerry Jacks. However, when the results are returned, it's not. In fact, the DNA doesn't match anyone on file.

Sam still will not accept that Jason is dead and wants to find him on her own. Anna first asks her to talk about Robin. She explains that Heather told her that Robin was alive and as a result, Anna traveled to Switzerland, only to find out that it was a lie. Now she feels as if she has lost her daughter again.

Sam is shocked to hear Anna say this, since Duke has just returned, and he was supposed to be dead. Sam feels that she can hold onto some hope, and so can Anna.

Over at GH, Elizabeth and Brit are taking care of a child while they talk about Patrick. Brit remarks, in an annoyed voice, that he still seems to be mourning Robin.

Elizabeth tells Brit that Patrick used to be a real ladies' man before marrying Robin. She has no doubt that as soon as he's had some more time to recover, he'll go back to his old ways. She tells Brit the story of when he and Robin met, and Patrick was having sex with a nurse.

Elizabeth goes on to say that she'd like nothing better than to see Patrick happy again, and she thinks Brit can be the one to give him that happiness. The ill child calls out to Brit, and when Brit goes to her bedside, the child throws up on her. At least someone at GH has the right idea.

Sabrina walks into the on-call room while Patrick is dressing. She explains to Patrick that she wants to revive the Nurses' Ball and honor Robin. He is touched by the idea. Just then, Brit enters and strips down to a red bra and black panties. She gives Sabrina her scrubs for laundering. To her, the Nurses' Ball sounds like a bore. Then Patrick says it's a great idea.

Sabrina leaves, and Brit asks Patrick if he is ready to spend the night with her. Since Emma is with Uncle Mac and Felicia this evening, Patrick says that he will come over to her place.

In Switzerland at the Clinic from Hell, Robin has just realized that Duke is an imposter. When he rips off his mask, Cesar Faison is revealed. Robin is positive that her mother will see through him, but Cesar doesn't care - he just wants Anna and he always has. If only he could have returned Robin to her, he would have earned her love. Now he can't.

Desperate, Robin says that Anna will be thrilled she is back and won't care about anything else, you know, like kidnapping. She will look at Faison as a hero. Faison is torn. That is what he wants, but he can't believe Robin. If he is to have Anna's heart, he has to take care of one more thing.

Faison leaves Robin and enters a room where another patient is being kept prisoner (this is quite a clinic). It's Duke Lavery!

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