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General Hospital Daily Recap for September 16, 2009

Can You Read My Mind?


Michael, The Fortuneteller, and an Ironing Board

Michael is having one of his post-coma temper tantrums as Jax enters the room. He tries to talk to Michael, who continues to have flashes of Jax speaking to him while he was in the coma and saying that he's sorry that his brother was involved and that he can't tell Carly it's his fault that Michael was shot. Carly walks in and picks up the tension, but imparts her good news anyway - there is a spot available for Michael at Madison Prep, which is Kristina's school. Not sure what kind of reaction she expected, but she didn't get it from Michael, who tells her that after everything that's happened, prep school is pretty minor. After she makes him thank Jax for this wonderful opportunity, Michael leaves the house - and two bewildered people watch him go.

Michael goes to some dump to see the carnival fortuneteller, who's out of the gypsy costume and ironing. Michael wants her help working out what he's seeing. She doesn't have much to say away from the crystal ball and the schmatte, but suddenly, she touches his head and says the enemy is sometimes by your bed and sometimes in the mirror. Meaning to me that Michael is his own worst enemy. UNTIL - he goes home and Carly tells him that he has mail. When he goes to the side table to get it, he looks up at the mirror over the table and sees Jax. Michael goes to meet Sam. He believes that possibly Jax asked his brothe to kill Sonny, who hit Michael instead. Sam has serious doubts of Jax doing any such thing, but she promises to look into it. Talk about the proverbial can o' worms.

Carly's and Jax's day continues to be strange when Morgan asks if it's okay if Domte moves in with them while he's recuperating. Don't think I've ever seen Jax so excited at a prospect.

Sam and Jason Aren't Alone; Molly Lectures Jason on Love; Jason Lectures Spinelli; Maxie's Had Enough

Sam and Jason wake up at the penthouse, and as Jason carries her downstairs, kissing her, they run into an audience of Robin, Patrick, Molly, Kristina, Spinelli, and Maxie, who are planning Maxie's wedding. Seeing their discomfort, Robin hustles Patrick out of there, and everyone leaves except Molly, who wants a moment with Jason. You gotta love Steve Burton. He looks totally intimidated by this pipsqueak. She's worried that Jason is going to hurt her sister again, and believes that Jason falls into the tragic lover category, which is Romeo's category. He tries to tell her that what goes on between him and Sam is their business, but Molly persists. Sam is listening from the hall, and when Molly leaves, she drags her away for a lecture. Cute kid, and she doesn't mutter.

Jason is unhappy with Spinelli and wants advanced notice next time he has a crowd over. Maxie takes umbrage with this - after all, Spinelli lives there too. But after all, as Jason points out to Spinelli - it's Jason's place. Later, when Spinelli mentions having children, Maxie nearly chokes on whatever she's drinking. That's it for Maxie. She goes to General Hospital, and, finding Robin, she confesses that she isn't ready for motherhood or wifehood. She realizes that she almost lost Spinelli last night, but that's how she feels. Robin wants to know, then, why she's going along with the wedding.

Tracy's Back in Town; Lucky Has an Announcement; Elizabeth is More Low-Key

Tracy's back in town, and when she visits her father, she's thrilled when he insults her- that must mean he's better. Rebecca stands to one side as Edward sings her praises to a nauseous Tracy. Monica, who also comes in to check on her father-in-law, thanks Rebecca for all she's done. Tracy isn't impressed, and the "Grandfather" bit aggravates her no end.

Rebecca comes home from sitting with Edward and sees that Nikolas has been up all night, probably drinking. She talks about Edward and how she had a lot of time to think while sitting there. She's so grateful for Edward's affection for her and for Nikolas' forgiveness. Well, she has one, but she doesn't have the other. Nikolas has perfected the fine art of not blinking. Lucky pops in and announces his good news. Rebecca seems very happy for him and congratulates him, and Nikolas hugs him. However, he doesn't blink.

It seems that no one is happy about getting married, even a soon-to-be fourth timer like Elizabeth. When she tells Patrick that she and Lucky are re-marrying, she may as well be saying she has to have brain surgery, she's so enthusiastic. Patrick asks why she's so down about it, and Elizabeth says that she wants to be careful, since she and Lucky have already tried this - twice. Later, on the pier, she runs into Nikolas, who congratulates her in that frosty way that he has.

Ethan Wants a Favor from Edward

No, it's not a nightmare, Edward realizes as he wakes up at GH, it's just Ethan sitting by his bed. Ethan did, after all, pull Edward from his car - does he want some kind of compensation for it? Ethan says yes, but not in the way Edward thinks. He wants Edward to keep Rebecca away from Nikolas. Edward realizes that Ethan loves Rebecca and he agrees to help.

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