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What the Fans Have to Say about 'General Hospital' - Week of August 4, 2008


What the Fans Have to Say About General Hospital for the Week of August 4, 2008:

I’m very happy to hear GH might be addressing the way women are treated on this show (especially since much of their audience is women). The latest was Karpov offering Carly a warehouse full of furs and jewelry and cars in exchange for her “gratitude as a woman.” At least invest in a better toupee if you’re going to make an offer like that! - D.D.

Greg and Kelly have incredible sexy looks..I hope they give them better material to work with… - Roy

There are some other shows that don’t have mob stories and are doing awesome. If they would drop the Mob and quit making everything revolve around Lulu, maybe their ratings would increase. I am so tired of the character Lulu taking up most of my show. - Shannon

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