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Top Moments

General Hospital's biggest moments in its history, concerning Luke & Laura, the Jones family, Robin Scorpio, Stone Cates, Tracy Quartermaine, and Susan Moore.
  1. Yearly Reviews (16)

Jason Becomes a Bad Boy and Leaves the Quartermaines
Jason becomes a bad boy, changes his name to Jason Morgan and leaves his family after an accident causes brain damage in one of General Hospital's Top Moments.

"Not Barbara Jean's Heart"
Felicia Jones realizes that Maxie is getting the brain-dead B.J. Jones' heart.

Luke and Laura's Wedding
The long-awaited wedding of Luke and Laura is one of the top moments in the history of General Hospital

The Death of B. J. Jones
B.J. Jones was pronounced brain dead after a school bus accident, and her heart was donated to her cousin Maxie.

The Death of Stone Cates
Robin's boyfriend, Stone Cates, contracted the AIDS virus and eventually died.

Luke Rapes Laura
Luke rapes Laura to the tune of "Rise" at the Campus Disco

Robin is Diagnosed with HIV
Robin Scorpio, after testing negative for HIV, is informed by Dr. Quartermaine that she is HIV-positive.

Fascination - Luke & Laura Dance Through Wyndham's Department Store
Luke and Laura spend the night in a mall and dance in evening clothes to "Fascination."

Heather Webber Frames Anne Logan for Diana Taylor's Murder
Heather Webber frames her husband's girlfriend for the murder of Diana Taylor.

Laura Reveals She Has a Cassadine Son
Laura Spencer confesses to Luke that she has a third child.

Tracy Pulls a 'Little Foxes'
Tracy Quartermaine watches as her father has a heart attack and refuses to give him his medication.

The Shocking Death of Lily Corinthos
Lily Corinthos meets her unexpected death while, on a yacht, Jax and Brenda marry.

Sonny Corinthos Shoots Carly Corinthos
Sonny shoots Carly in one of General Hospital's Top Moments.

General Hospital Avatars Created by Readers
General Hospital avatars provided by readers showing their favorite characters and couples See submissions

Readers Change General Hospital
Readers state how they would change General Hospital, whether by storyline, character, or both.See submissions

Ric Hides Carly in a Panic Room
Ric hides Carly in a panic room, General Hospital top moment from 2003, during which Rick Lansing decides to extract revenge on his half-brother Sonny, whom he believes pushed his pregnant wife Elizabeth down the stairs.

Heather Webber: Grand Illusions
Heather Webber's obsession with Luke Spencer, General Hospital top moments, during which Heather plans to kill Edward for his money though she's madly in love with Luke.

Fifty Years of General Hospital
Fifty Years of General Hospital - The Barrington Family, including Amanda Barrington, and her possible part in the death of Edward's ex-mistress, Beatrice LeSoeur.

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