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The Death of B. J. Jones


The Death of B. J. Jones

Tony Jones listens to his daughter B.J.'s heart in Maxie's chest.

Screenshot: Maria Ciaccia

Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones (Brighton Hereford) was the daughter of Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule) and his first wife, Tania Roskov. She was named for Bobbie Jean Spencer (Jackie Zeman) because Bobbie helped Tania deliver B.J. in an elevator. Tania later died in a car accident, and Tony and Bobbie were married. Bobbie adopted B.J.

When the school van carrying B.J. and other students was hit by a drunk driver, 7-year-old B.J. was pronounced brain dead at General Hospital. At the same time, Maxie Jones (Robyn Richards), her first cousin, was at General Hospital, in desperate need of a heart transplant. Tony made the decision to donate B.J.'s organs. Her heart went to her cousin Maxie, who was waiting for a transplant.

After the transplant, Tony went into Maxie's room and placed his head on her chest to hear his daughter's heart beating. Visiting his daughter B.J., whose body was still in the operating room, Tony asked B.J. to take his broken heart in exchange for hers and to keep it safe.

The scenes with Kristina Wagner, Brad Maule and Jackie Zeman in 1994 remain today as some of the most magnificent acting ever seen on General Hospital. The critical acclaim this episode received was well deserved.

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