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General Hospital Best and Worst of the Decade 2000-2009

A Look Back at the Decade, the Good and the Bad


General Hospital Best and Worst of the Decade 2000-2009

Stuart Damon, one of our favorite GH vets no longer on the show

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

As 2010 approaches, let's take a look at 2000-2009 on General Hospital: some colorful moments, characters, story arcs, and scenes, the good and the questionable.

These lists are meant to be taken in fun. Like the other lists, they do not represent one person's judgment, but rather, a look at user comments, polls, and other lists. Feel free to comment and add your own best and worst. Also, when there is more than one item, they are not in any particular order.

Best Story arcs

  • MetroCourt hostage crisis
  • Hotel fire
  • Train crash
  • Carly kidnapping by Ric

Best Scenes

  • Sonny shoots Carly while giving birth to Morgan.
  • Alexis' speech at Kristina’s funeral.
  • Elizabeth sees Carly walk out of the panic room.
  • Luke and Laura remarry.
  • Bobbie's goodbye to Tony.
  • Carly is told that little Michael is dead (the Faith Roscoe story arc).
  • Nikolas gets his memory back at the mental hospital, as moments in his life flash before him.
  • Maxie tells off Felicia at Georgie’s funeral.
  • Laura Spencer wakes up.
  • Ric and Alexis get lost trying to get a Christmas tree.

Best Couples

  • Robin and Patrick
  • Maxie and Spinelli
  • Jason and Sam
  • Jason and Elizabeth
  • Luke and Laura
  • Sonny and Kate (we saw a lighter side of Sonny)
  • Carly and Jax

Best replacement: Carly Corinthos Jacks (Laura Wright)
Runner-up: – Jerry Jacks (Sebastian Roche)
Runner-up: - Edward Quartermaine (the return of John Ingle)

Best new characters:

  • Diane Miller
  • Skye Chandler Quartermaine
  • Dante Falconeri
  • Olivia Falconeri
  • Kate Howard

Best long-term return: Robin Scorpio

Best short-term legacy character returns

  • Brenda Barrett
  • Robert Scorpio
  • Anna Devane
  • Noah Drake
  • Laura Spencer

Best Villains:

  • Faith Roscoe
  • Lorenzo Alcazar
  • Jerry Jacks
  • Helena Cassadine

Best psychos:

  • Manny Ruiz
  • Stavros Cassadine
  • Franco
  • Mary Bishop
  • Anthony Zacchara
  • Colleen the Nanny

Funniest couple: Luke and Tracy

Most overused plot devices

  • Pain killer addiction
  • Pregnant women falling down stairs
  • Getting stuck in an elevator
  • Amnesia

Best Nicknames

  • Spanky Buns (Luke’s for Tracy)
  • Blaze (Luke for Skye)
  • Vixenella (Spinelli’s name for Claudia)

Biggest Vamp: Lulu

Johnny, Logan, Spinelli, Dante, Milo, Dillon – the guys sure fall for her.

Worst Storylines

  • Bioballs
  • Text message killer
  • The Emily Sequel Twin
  • Ethan as Luke’s Son
  • The Sam look-alike that danced with her fiance for fun, having nothing whatsoever to do with anything.

Worst couple: Sonny and Emily

Worst replacement: Jed Allan as Edward Quartermaine
Runner-up: Sandra Anderson as Felicia

Biggest mistake: Sarah Brown as Claudia
A wonderful actress, but it was a bad idea.

Most disappointing return: Heather Webber

Unacceptable Losses:

  • Lila Quartermaine
  • Alan Quartermaine
  • Georgie Jones

Weirdest character: Spinelli, The Jackal

Biggest suspension of disbelief:

  • Courtroom scenes – friends and family on the juries or as the attorneys, putting a traumatized woman on the stand (Lulu)
  • Flights from Europe that take two minutes
  • Bouncing off to New York for the day when they’re supposedly in upstate NY - it's a good 6-hour drive and 8-hour train trip.
  • Ric Lansing as District Attorney
  • Scott Baldwin planting info that Logan was an undercover cop – why didn’t someone ask Mac, the police commissioner?
  • Lucky going into debt because of health problems – why doesn’t PCPD have health insurance?
  • Claudia’s disappearance – why not have it look like she really disappeared by using her credit cards at ATMS all over the place instead of just throwing her in a hole in the ground and everyone shrugging their shoulders?

Unluckiest in Pregnancy: Carly

Falling down stairs, being kidnapped and held in a panic room, getting a disease while pregnant that threatened her life, being kidnapped again so she could give birth in a cabin while Claudia waited to steal the baby – the poor woman.

Strangest Marriage: Brenda and Jason
It was for convenience, but they hated each other, and it was a riot.

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