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Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos Dies Tragically

Scenes of Happiness and Tragedy: Jax and Brenda, and Lily and Sonny


Jax and Brenda Marry as Lily Corinthos Dies Tragically

Jax and Brenda


The death of Lily Corinthos and the marriage of Brenda and Jax were played out together on General Hospital, making for very effective television.

A Happy Sonny and Lily

On dry land, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and his radiant wife Lily Rivera Corinthos (Lilly Melgar) were announcing their pregnancy at a party.

Jax and Brenda's Wedding

On a yacht, Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil) were preparing for their wedding. Jax turns to see his bride Brenda. She looks, as usual, sensational.

Sonny and Brenda: Party's End

Just as Sonny is about to leave the party with Lily, he is stopped by his father, Mike Corbin (Ron Hale). A smiling Lily goes out into the darkness to the car.

The Final Moments

As Jax and Brenda tap their champagne glasses in a congratulatory toast, Lily turns the car ignition. Suddenly, the car blows up, its flames illuminating the darkness. Lily and her baby are dead.

An unforgettable moment in General Hospital history.

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