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The Barrington Family - Fifty Years of General Hosptial

Rafe Kovich's Great-Grandmother


The Barrington Family - Fifty Years of General Hosptial

Alan Quartermaine (Stuart Damon) and Amanda Barrington (Anne Jeffreys)

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Lately we've been hearing about The Barrington family, another of Port Charles' horsey set, along with the Quartermaines. In fact, Amanda Barrington, the matriarch of the Barrington family, was a great friend of both Lila and Edward Quartermaine. The Barrington name has come up in connection with the just-murdered Alison Barrington and her son, Rafe Kovich, Jr.

Amanda Barrington was portrayed by Anne Jefffreys, who first appeared on General Hospital in 1984. Amanda had two children, Derek and Malcolm. Alison's father, Malcolm, is deceased. Derek is the biological father Mike Webber, who was adopted by Rick Webber, Laura Webber Spencer's stepfather.

Amanda was on the General Hospital board, where she could be seeing fighting with assorted people during meetings.

Amanda was a part of the 1984 murder of Edward's former mistress and Jimmy Lee's mother, Beatrice LeSeur. She was blackmailing Edward, Lila, Amanda, and a woman named Sylvia Whitby. Amanda, Sylvia, and Holly Sutton are also being blackmailed by a masseur at the Avalon Spa named Leo Russell. Leo used a hidden camera to catch his victims as they had sex with him. Amanda was a cougar from way back. When Beatrice finds out, she wants in.

Needless to say, people like Beatrice don't last very long. She's found dead on the night of an annual charity ball. And there's no dearth of suspects, with heavy Q involvement: Edward, Lila, Alan, Monica, Holly, Amanda, Sylvia, and the lovely Leo -- how'd you like to be PCPD trying to figure that out?

None of them did it. Then again, they didn't exactly have the best of intentions. During the evening, every one of them had put drops in Beatrice's drink to knock her out. Robert Scorpio has his hands full with this one but he finally puts it all together. Somehow Beatrice got some of Lila's heart medicine and took it, on her own.

In 1989, everyone, including Amanda, is hit hard by news of Edward's death in a plane crash. Later, as we know, Edward is found living under another name as an aged beach bum. Amanda donates a plaque in honor of him, to be displayed at General Hospital.

Due to all this largesse, Amanda gets a lot of attention from the Port Charles' greedy guts, two of whom are Lucy Coe and Carly! Originally a nursing student, Carly Benson is fascinated when town gossip Amy Vining tells her that Amanda is loaded, capital L.

In 2000, Laura Spencer jumps on board to ask Amanda to invest in Deception Cosmetics, but it's a no go. Amanda's granddaughter Alison that same year makes her debut on Port Charles. Alison becomes a volunteer at GH at Amanda's insistence after she violates her curfew too many times. The young woman isn't interested in volunteer work until she meets Jamal Woods.

Amanda disapproves of this relationship, so in order to cover it up, Alison has Jack Ramsey to pretend to be her boyfriend. That doesn't work. Amanda tries to keep a hold on her granddaughter by playing the money card. She threatens to disinherit Alison if she continues to see Jamal, and to her surprise, Alison picks Jamal. However, there is soon trouble in paradise. The couple has a bike shop, and Alison wants to also open a bakery. Jamal objects. Amanda intervenes and when a big argument ensues, Amanda has a heart attack.

Alan Quartermaine has a conversation with Alison about re grandmother's health. He suggests that Alison attempt some sort of truce. Alison takes Alan's advice.

Then the vampires hit Port Charles. Alison takes the side of Livvie Locke, Caleb Morley, and Rafe Kovich against Joshua Temple, Head of the Vampires. Joshua has made Amanda, Jamal, Victor Collins, and Frank Scanlon his victims. His spell is lifted. Alison marries Rafe, and Amanda is at the wedding.

Amanda is a big part of the Nurses' Ball and is seen from time to time at board meetings, with the Quartermaines, and the Baldwins. Amanda's last appearance on General Hospital takes place at the funeral of Lila Quartermaine in July 2004.

In 2013, Alison returns to Port Charles with her son Rafe, intending to locate Lucy Coe. However, she is murdered before she and Lucy can connect. While investigating Alison, John McBain learns that Amanda is deceased.

Actress Anne Jeffreys, who was so wonderful as Amanda, is now 90 years old and has a film coming out in 2014. Jeffreys is best known by the World War II generation as Miriam Kirby in the Topper TV series, along with her husband, Robert Sterling. The couple was married for 55 years. Later, she appeared in a story arc on the series Falcon Crest, as a regular on the series Finder of Lost Loves and semiregularly on Baywatch. A trained classical singer, she also enjoyed a career in musical comedy which includes Broadway and the opera stage.

A life-long health addict, Anne Jeffreys, now a widow, remains today beautiful and glamorous and makes many appearances at premieres and award shows.

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